Day 347 – Investigating Fear and emotions and Standing up as Life

prupMade an impromptu VLOG about points coming up – mostly about I’ve been facing recently. Just a process update on how I am dealing with fear and self-dishonesty.


Day 315 – Why is it difficult to be Self-honest?

IMG_3952-EditTalking about why can be difficult to apply Self-honesty when facing an opportunity to change. The halo of justifications and excuses to find everywhere and to give into one is enough to give up the decision to change.

Giving some examples of how projecting self-defined, pre-judged past memories can compromise practical change/expansion.

Why and how can regular writing be an immense support to walk through accepted and allowed self-dishonest patterns.


Study Self-Mind-Beingness and find practical solutions to change self-dishonest patterns:

Awesome online course about how to transcend

Self-support books, audio recordings

School of Ultimate Living

Day 281 – VLOG: Process update/share

talaprocessupdate-2016-08-31Sharing some points I’ve been walking within self-realization recently and also talking about practical common sense in regarding to real self-change within understanding.

Unleash Self with understanding and transcending self-limitation.
Be response-able and be LIFE.
Do not accept fear or not understanding what’s going on.
Investigate SELF, the World and Existence.





Day 264 – Redefining Spirituality – Down to Earth

Sharing about what I walked within my recent blog posts about my journey from spirituality to practicality – when realizing what is power and where I have to stand for all – here in and as the physical.
I commit myself to walk the process of self-honesty and alignment with reality here to stand up for all as equal as one as life.

This is just the beginning to realize what requires to take responsibility for Рthe systems on earth, but first have to decompose and redefine myself as an individual system within the whole as participant. Educate yourself.


Self-support on the greatest degree:
Community with people sharing realizations and walking the matrix:

School of Ultimate Living:

Audiobooks on many topics in regarding to awakening:

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Enjoy Breath and remember: sharing is caring – share yourself!