Day 310 – Why people stop transcending?

Why people stop transcending?

Just a quick rant I’ve audio-recorded recently, immediately, when I’ve awaken in my bed(‘that’s why my voice sounds less focused) – then added some video timelapses to create a video  – but to ensure understanding, just transcribed it also here:

Why people stop transcending?
It’s equally fascinating question – why people start transcending?

Is it really a choice? And in this context – equally interesting.
Maybe stop transcend is neither a choice.

So instead of judging people, try to decompose what options might be in front of the individual where stopping expanding and giving up being honest with self.
For instance I participate in a self-support forum, which really supports with facing self-dishonesty, delusions and providing tools to decompose any thought-based or emotional-automatic reactions, what are in fact based on fear and delusional separation from self, from the world. And sometimes people all of a sudden just say ‘I’m done with this, I’m out of here.’ And no longer participate with this process. And one might wonder what is happening with their own mind and the most important point is that self comes first in terms of responsibility, so instead of judging another’s always look at myself, where I am at my own responsible self-honesty process.
And whenever I’d judge them as uncool or becoming uncertain or even starting to feel emotional reactions, that’s my responsibility to transcend, because if I miss that opportunity, I definitely go into delusion by judging them, projecting issues from my own mind to others. Similar, when people angry they become for the politicians, of what they do apparently to them. And blaming others will never be solution.
And I just wonder, maybe the situation with those, who transcend patterns is that they got to the position and the opportunity to sort out some points within their mind and from now on they can live more comfortably or easily access their own wants, because faced a fear and then were able to let that go, which was blocking their expression. And then all of a sudden: oh – but if I do not fear, I can enjoy myself and go out get stuff, what others also do, why bothering continuing to decompose these patterns in my mind, because fuck this, I feel good now, I should feel good, and only focus to how I experience and what I want.

And yeah, maybe that’s just simple as that. Or they faced a particular pattern fear, which they did not required, maybe they required, but they did not ask for support and assistance to cross-reference what’s real and what’s not and then not wanting to face a particularly, apparently big fear within themselves and starting to justify:
It’s alright if I’m afraid of my kid would get hurt, it’s normal parenting.
It’s normal to accept any justifiable fear, it’s only human.

And these kind of excuses can grow on someone in their mind and all of a sudden gets it becomes momentum and gets direction with self-definition, meaning they believe, it’s them and not realizing it’s accumulated acceptance of self-dishonesty, which they literally become and will be much more difficult to decompose now even the decision have been taken over.
I’ve seen many times.
Hey, everyone, literally everyone have their own moments of transcendence and then seeing things clearly. Maybe, because just hit rock bottom and in that moment everyone can see. But the question is how I continue from that point and am I willing to justify and protect my self-interest and choose a comfortable self-limitation.

And also many people just can become effective in the system by decomposing to a certain degree, being able to change their own personality to become more successful and ‘whoo yeah, I am now successful, I can get money, I can get property, I can get family, I can get happiness so to speak, so I’m done, I’ve transcended, I’ve reached the goal I wanted, and from now on I will enjoy life.
They probably stopped transcending all patterns, because they do not yet understand that everything is interconnected, just maybe not being able to experience it, but still.

And to take responsibility for all as one as equal as myself here is much harder and difficult and longer process to walk through, then just to get to the point of ‘Oh, I am now cool, thanks, bye’.

And I should always reflect back from my own points, where I experience this and see someone so to speak ‘leaving’.
They will never leave from themselves anyway, so if there is opportunity, I get to know more of the situation and then if possible and if I already checked myself within and I’m completely clear of reactions and I’m present within silence, yet I understand what’s the situation, I can offer support, cross-referencing assistance, but if they do not take the opportunity, I have to let go, let them go and continuing walking the process and focus to what I can have responsibility for, directing myself, my own direct reality, my own relationships, my own life, which I can change.
Thank you very much.