7 Years Journey to Life

Man is only a fraction of what can be – there is doubt, fear, self-interest in this world, which is the very reflection to who we really are currently within. To reach our utmost potential, we first have to walk through all the already self-accepted layers of self-limitation, self-compromise, self-deception and self-abuse as it is currently within our very relationship here on earth as All Life within Equality and Oneness.

What we can observe on Earth, as war, exploitation, slavery, deception and abuse, is the consequence of who accept ourselves to be within, which then equal and one results manifesting and accepting it externally. Positive and negative polarities create friction, conflict, inside and outside as well – it is merely a foolishness to believe that what one feels, thinks within one’s mind and body has not been, currently isn’t and will not influencing the whole existence. We are in the same boat, we breathe the same air, we all eat, shit and eventually die, no matter what.

To realize that one is slave of oneself, others, the system is eventually getting more and more clear as the current human world system is escalating to it’s more direct and obvious self-abuse, cannibalism and total lack of any compassion for any living being others than one’s own’ bubble of value and interest. That is rare when one stands up for all equally and it is more rare when the individual is not being driven with a twisted self-interest which fogs one’s mind to become really effective and to accumulate the necessary practical understanding what requires for being able to really change oneself and reality and live as an example of what accumulates to a better self and thus existence as a whole.

The process of Journey to Life is walked open, publicly, to share our courage and purpose to stand up as responsible co-creators within existence and start LIVING these written words as equal as one as who we accept and allow ourselves to be. It’s going to be a process to find out what Self-honesty really means not only as words but equal action as well, within this current economic, political system we exist within.

The human being consists of and exists as a mind consciousness system manifested within and as our physical body which is programmed to be reactive to energy, polarity, separation, based on words. To decompose these patterns what constitutes our beingness, we walk the Process of Self-forgiveness, to become aware of these relationship patterns what direct our lives and if there is any self-interest, self-dishonesty, it is only Self who can take responsibility for to stop participating and start exploring what is beyond the mind.

It is a common mistake to believe that we need thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, judgements, definitions, automatic energetic reactions to live, to express, to share, to love, meanwhile if one starts investigate one’s mind, expressions, reactions with writing, self-forgiveness, then can realize that these are of self-interest and fear, very limited and predictable systematic manifestations and real life only can be born from the physical where is no mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, energies being used through and as the mind, which in fact separates ourselves from the very source of who we are as LIFE. Also within self-honest investigation, anyone can see/realize/understand the fact that the source is the physical here, to live directly here within absolute self-trust and the very substance we consist of is awareness, but during the infusion with the polarity/separation of the mind, we are lost within pre-programmed(meaning at specific conditions we reacts the same way and we call it our personality) consciousness systems. It is not bad or good, there is not a single external point within existence which can be used for blame as it is always SELF who is responsible, in fact not only for oneself but all what is here, which is a point of Equality. The very life-source within all being within this existence is exactly the same, yet each is an individual expression of this same, which the source: LIFE.

All of religious, spiritual, scientific etc explanations, belief-systems, methodologies contain the same origin of separation from our very beingness with the greatest con, the energetic consciousness, the justifications of the mind, which renders the participants literally powerless over already co-created, manifested and pre-programmed consciousness systems, which has only one purpose, it’s own survival and evolution even with the price of abusing life. The more awareness one decides to grasp, the more responsibility it means and the simple common sense and solution is to stand up for oneself and for all as equal as one at the same time and utilize the simple equation of 1+1=2, meaning always accumulate what would be the best for all, which at first seems impossible or overwhelming, but only with the mind, which has been set up exactly to justify self-interest like that, but with the practical tools of Life-awareness, as self-honest writing, self-forgiveness and self-corrective application everyone can transcend the mind and birth Life from the physical, not bound to any self-limitation.

There are people who walk this already and there is self-support, even free online course to learn how to assist and support oneself for the most direct way for the Unification of Man. Here is some interview with a spokesperson for the community about what the Journey to Life and the Process of Self-forgiveness is about.

The group has been judged many times in fact it is just individuals investigate all things within and without and assisting and supporting themselves and others to keep what is good, in terms of what would work for all.

Principled living means to stand as ‘Do onto others as you would like to receive’ and ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself’ and this takes courage and dedication, discipline and commitment and to transcend the mind is the greatest challenge one can have as everyone’s mind is in fact a perfect mirror-prison to show what must be understood and transcended.

Only oneself can stop the brainwashing, self-limitation, there is no such group in existence what can do that for anyone as in fact only self can stop to deceive oneself and thus others.


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