Day 434 – Taking on a simple responsibility for years

jo7lifeI am picking Desteni self-honesty blogs each week for a half day time-frame since a couple of years now(among with others).

If you would not be aware of: at desteni, a group of people dedicating themselves to seek out, understand and overcome of their self-limitations, delusions, character flaws, self-dishonesty points, calling it 7 years of Journey to Life as to accumulate a real impact for self-change, an already developed human being requires at least 7-14 years walking this process to reach to a real, permanent change within their beingness and living expression through consistent application, accumulation and specific techniques shared at Desteni I process Lite and Desteni I Process Pro online courses.

This is, no doubt one of the greatest gifts in life I can give to myself and the world, to take responsibility for who and what I am, have become and going to be – instead of light-worker, spiritual, religious, scientific approach, this is simply practical common sense and being radically honest with myself.

So, on different days, different people take point on going through the pre-created auto-collecting feed page, what pulls in all the subscribed blogs/vlogs pages/sites posts, making it easier to go through them and select the ones the person responsible for the given day to schedule them being shared.

It has been quite a journey and there were some experiences in regarding to it what I’d like to share here.

I do not remember when I took this responsibility, at least 5 years ago, maybe more, it does not matter now. It has been an immensely rewarding process and still continuing to do so.

My impressions were:

  • it’s so difficult to keep my commitment each week, even though it takes up to a half an hour to go through a set of already shared self-honesty destonian blogs and pick the ones what I consider as worth reading thus also worth sharing on the page.
  • oftentimes I’ve felt frustration due to slow internet network, Facebook’s not user-friendly user interface/scheduling workflow
  • sometimes also had massive resistances to do it and thus postponing to do it until the last moment(Sunday, 20:30 PM)
  • also sometimes had this strange burden of big responsibility that now I decide which ones can make it to the selected page, what if I share something what are not aligned with my(and desteni) principles, what if I am wrong?
  • rarely though, but also sometimes I made a mistake with the scheduling, which I felt really bad about and judged myself extensively
  • even more rarely, but also happened, I’ve missed a sharing day entirely due to me travelling, not having access to internet and I forgot to delegate to/ask people to do it for me because I could not and again, feeling bad about it, judging myself too hard
  • sometimes I need to use my smartphone to read through, pick and shedule these blogs/vlogs and that is quite awkward and ineffective way to do it, yet with practise by the years, it has been much more easier in the last years
  • on top of that, as the Page is on Facebook, the platform itself keeps mutating, changing in terms of the buttons, the way one can schedule blog shares on the page from time to time needs to be adapted and sometimes it is not an improvement (like right now, scheduling has been taken out from the page’s sharing link/text field into a sub-page, a publishing tool for the 7 years of journey to life page and one needs to specify the day and time twice for scheduling) – or for a while they introduce a bug(annoyance, glitch) and I need to figure out how to overcome it and in the beginning I was very judgmental about it, reactive, got frustrated, angry on Facebook itself.
    Eventually I have realized that it is completely futile to react to this, just pure waste of time and effort, because I have committed myself to do this, so there is no other way, I am going to do it.

It has been quite rewarding to overcome these, week by week until I own the ability to do it without reactions becoming real distraction
At the same time it has been and continuing to be an extraordinary journey, got the opportunity and honor to read all these people’s sharing and in general their process of walking through specific and in the longer run, so many points within self-honesty.

Currently, there has been so many destonian blog posts in their publication times that the 7 Years of Journey to Life page is way behind of the current sharing, at least 10 months now; meaning what I share today on the page, has been shared in January, 2019.

It is really encouraging to read all these people’s internal and practical process of how they deal with their imperfections, their discovery of themselves and the world, how they walk into self-honesty in practical action.

Sometimes one keeps writing/vlogging about the same points over and over again until they understand enough to be able to change their approach and there are several realizations I got to obtain:

Consistency is key for accumulating real, tangible results: no matter how difficult a point is – let’s say someone is dealing with an addiction – or in my own case: reactions to weekly posting these set of sharing – if one keeps applying the desteni tools: writing, self-forgiveness, self-commitment and self-corrective statements, etc; eventually they will have a breakthrough, when they do not react with emotional turmoil, self-judgment, but pre-scripting a viable and applicable solution for their problem.

Everyone’s process is unique, it is totally unworthy to compare anyone’s process to somebody else; although we all are walking the same process of self-realization in a way, from mind consciousness system self-identification to actual, physical, direct living – all of us are in a different location, situation and challenge; therefore it is one more reason to make sure that we take responsibility for our own process of self-realization within first priority.

About the fact that I used to struggle with this responsibility: it has been quite significantly inflated in my mind, making it more than it actually is, and I also ended up judging myself on why I am so reluctant to take this simple and easy point.

One of the greatest challenges in my life is the consistency. Always do something, what is not pre-programmed into my personality already due to my childhood-schooling-past indoctrination through parenting, schooling, media delusional self-convictions, and then judging myself as bad, weak, negative, wavering, unstable quite unnecessarily. Especially when comparing this responsibility/commitment to something like having an animal or a human child care-taking responsibility. Then there is no ‘skip day’ – it could be fatal to not feed a newborn baby for instance; in comparison to that, this is a piece of cake, yet I needed to walk this for quite some time to become my natural expression, each week to sit down and do it without resistance, judgment, reactions.

Sometimes I still react, like as it is now, Facebook’s scheduling page is just silly, but now I know, it is not final, let’s focus on here, the action, the effectiveness as it probably will change again soon; and because I have extensive experience and knowledge about software development, I know that these things, especially with this huge corporation, will take time, thus it is to embrace it and still make it work.

Because my commitment is not something I had to make and now I am automatically being committed to do this each week. I am re-committing myself to do this each time, because I see it’s benefits for myself and also giving the opportunity to others, who are reading this page that this can be quite supportive for the readers. I am grateful that I can accumulate into that, regardless of if someone actually reads my scheduled sharings or not(they do).

Also teaches me that sometimes it is a leap of faith to do something without knowing what it’s result and impact will be, just to consider common sense.

This group, community is on Facebook – in the time Desteni started to spread online, this was the most viable and known social network, in a way still it is, thus it is there for convenience and maximum reach. I know, many people blame and hate Facebook for it’s weird, questionable things, sure, it’s not ideal, but it’s also like so many things: look at the bright side of life – this is a tool and can bring people together and support each other, so I could focus on what’s not good, or just appreciate what is good.

Before I joined Facebook – more than a decade before, I never even imagined I would open up an account, but for Process it is totally worth it, one can learn so much from fellow destonians and other people…I rarely use it nowadays for personal shares, collecting likes or attention; I am sure that by time something even better will replace it all of a sudden, but until that I use it without judgment or blame.

(I suggest to customize your Facebook experience with FB Purity, it’s a web browser plugin, which eliminates so many annoying things of the platform, cuts out sponsored posts, ads, etc; one can totally omit seeing a load of crap, can make disappear certain features, re-order timeline posts, etc – even can apply personal word filters (just an example, before US elections I type in “hillary clinton, donald trump” and I do not see posts with this in their link title on my FB feed – Also I do not see games, game invites, all kinds of crap I do not wish FB to use it for -as I use it mostly for Process, learning about things in groups/pages and keeping in touch with remote people; if I want to know about for instance the US elections, I look it up myself – just an example).

Back to the Picking Process Blogs to 7 Years Journey to Life page: Also learned that it’s quite alright if I make a mistake, skipping an hour to share something for instance, or this year I believe once or twice already happened that because I was flying constantly to the other side of the world, I simply did let it go and embraced the fact that I did not schedule anything for that week and I will survive. There is no point of judging myself, waste of effort, it’s accumulating also to be and become this doubt. Instead of making sure that I do all I can and keep going forward and make sure next week to do it if I can.

Of course, by walking this singular point, it opens up a lot of reflections in my life to a bunch of other things I do; which is quite a sort of trademark of the Desteni process, that anything you realize in a certain context, might opens up doors within another aspect of my life as it’s all interconnected, being self here.

So this is a great example of how a simple, small point by time can accumulate into further, greater and more profound understanding and self-expansion.
Of course, this is not something one can compare with having a child, family to take care for, yet it is still a significant opportunity to learn and reflect, grow and enjoy about.

I am grateful for this responsibility and trust have been given to me for this, thanks a million!

I encourage everyone to check this page out, there is a LOT of supportive, practical and quite frankly, extremely unique and fascinating blog/vlog posts, wherein one can observe and get into an intimate peek of people’s personal process of self-honesty.

This is the page:

There are several another pages dedicated to the blogs/vlogs of people walking their process of self-honesty (This is where people share their blogs/vlogs at the same time when they publish them):

This is a closed group(for people be safe to share their more personal process without the scrutiny of the public, so it’s quite a community) – anyone can join if respecting it’s guidelines, it’s so much fun and opportunity to learn:

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