Day 411 – Why EQAFE and Desteni I Process are essential?

diplite1What I really love about DIP ( Desteni I Process) Pro course is that every week it opens up so many points within me, my life(in relation to who I am with, the world, etc) what I can investigate, re-align and forgive so then I can become more honest with myself, which will result in more substantial change towards potentials I only imagined before.

Not always writing about the points opening up in those chats/lessons/assignments here, but each worth sharing actually. It would be so strange to imagine my life living without this supporting pillar being here for me all the time.

Another huge support, a pillar from titanium-steel-diamond so to speak (of it’s strength to symbolize) is EQAFE. It’s vast library about the history of the mind, creation, energy, consciousness, human body, nature and in general anything you name it from parenting to animals, from addictions to money management – it’s just literally unthinkable how much applicable wisdom it contains.

Usually I close my blog posts about these to highly recommend to invest time and effort into these two, but this time I start with it, because it is phenomenal.

It’s fair to say that the whole DESTENI platform has it’s own characteristic, style and taste so to speak which some might do not enjoy at first trial, the methods, the structure and way of the support it recommends can be resistible and justifiably avoidable, for instance who wants to listen hours of audio books or who actually wants to spend an hour writing daily for so called self-introspection and self-development in this high-paced, gadget-oriented visual-stimulation-consuming era?

Writing is key – no one can deny that, if anyone wants real results within development, healing or expansion in any specialization, it is unavoidable.

If we look at how this world system has been built up, from it’s building blocks, it is all by writing.

The language itself what consists of our mind, the very perception and way we think, feel, speak and act: based on words.

The very law what all countries use to remain stable is also written by people, explained by more words and whole sub-systems built around those laws, all formed by written words.

Any music, songs, films and movies – they all have written down by the letter(music is called score but also explained by words).

All businesses, systems in this world have been defined by written words – any machine more complicated than lighter have been programmed by words so to speak – implemented by transistors, processors containing sets of words to be able to define their algorithm, behavior and artificial intelligence.

Anyone wants to understand themselves or the world, wants to make sense and become effective of this world has to become effective with written word. Period.

That’s why it is so underestimated, to write, write and write, as much as one can, specifically aiming for further understanding, documenting, exploring and aligning inner and outer realities.

Writing fiction is also fine, just it might be entertaining but those might not give as much within self-growth and self-change.

Why so much focus on self-change, one might ask, we all have weaknesses and strengths – it is because it is essential to question our own perception, judgement and behavior – because when we look at these, it’s to realize, we got them, we accepted them, we protected them forever, regardless of them being the possibly best version of what we could have.

Who am I to question faith, my destiny and the whole creation, one might ask? Free will it is the answer one also might add – is it really free? Or is it merely consequential and pre-programmed? To truly create something new in this world is barely happening – everything unfolds from what is already here – some might mimic nature or improve other’s existing creations – but within all this the key is to realize – the only thing I can create as truly new is to live within self-honesty to unlock a potential within me I never yet did.

So that’s a point to WHY to write, investigate, question and answer to myself every day, because the WHO AM I is who I accept myself to be in this moment and from now on.

And when I see that there is self-judgement, shame, resistance, fear, justification, blame – it is all self-dis-empowerment adding up to a set of dimensions consisting to become who I am today. And each and every single of those can be investigated by writing.

It is challenging for sure, especially at the beginning and one might need a hand to hold our hand for it – by the way that’s called Desteni I Process ( the FREE Lite course as introductory and the more advanced, more direct PRO courses) – because there are key aspects to understand of how the mind works.

Because once one understands how justification, blame, self-sabotage works, then becomes to see those patterns before participating within them by recognizing the trigger points, the key words one holds onto within self-definition, reaction and self-dishonesty.

Within my elementary, high and higher education there was not much writing – neither of creative or self-introspective writing involved. Such a mistake. If one investigates how really rich people educate their children, it is way more around vocabulary, the written and spoken word than what the system provides for free to the masses.
No wonder those rich kids become much more effective navigating, directing and accomplishing within the world system, of course by added their advantageous financial situation as well.

Anyone has any problem, I always recommend: START WRITING! It is literally free and makes one more free from the prison of their mind if done properly.

I feel gratefulness and honor that I’ve been shown how to support and stabilize myself through self-forgiveness and self-corrective writing within structure and measurable progress. The best thing ever!

Even though one would think, I am not a writer, I am better with my art, dancing, sports, music, parenting, profession, etc – it is justification. Any of those are simply occupations besides being a human, having a mind, programmed and operating by and as words, thus writing can support to weaken weaknesses and strengthen strengths.

If I would be in charge of influencing mainstream schooling, I’d definitely add more writing and with more punctuation to how the mind works, how to overcome emotional instability, how to utilize one’s mind with clarity, self-trust and creative self-creation.

Desteni material itself can be seem as quite controversial, because it’s topics, it’s unusual alternate perspective of our creation, history and structure of existence, but it all starts to make sense if one can put together the puzzles with practical common sense.

For instance I am re-listening MYKEY series at EQAFE – how demons existed before, who they were and why, how they become what they were and how they were able to transcend their limitations and align with the principle of what is best for all.
It’s fascinating – even if one does not believe it is real – the insights, the observations this series shares are basically essential to understand how the human mind operates and how to be able to improve it.

eqafe-1There is so much people do not know about it – and my life always have been to put those puzzles together and EQAFE really supports with that. Of course it’s not just biological evolution from monkeys to humans and of course it’s not just the bearded god dude, who listens to every follower’s pray to answer some of those while utterly witness billions of beings to suffer every day. Of course it’s not just that reincarnation and the souls, the hierarchy of control beyond of this dimension, and of course it’s not just alien races with their spaceships. Or reptilians, Atlantis, paranormal events – everything has some truth yet all we have to be known is a lie.

I used to spend tremendous effort to put the puzzle together about the history of mankind – hunted old books, transcriptions; visited ancient places around the globe, studied cultures, alternate views, conspiracies; went into various mind-trance states, meditations and some info was always missing and eventually EQAFE assisted to grasp these topics with common sense and to clear out my vision to see what’s relevant of all those and being able to focus what’s relevant here in my life. Priceless!

And to be able to anchor oneself among all these confusing topics by the awesome EQAFE series, to be able to focus BACK TO SELF is what matters to be able to take the responsibility what most of us deny and run away from, due to lack of self-empowerment, self-trust and confusion.

How easy to accept an involuntary angry reaction, a stupid semi-racist judgement, to deny an obvious self-abusing sign or not to stand up while being bullied at work or home in the name of fear of loss, fear of fear, etc. And the most dangerous ignorance is what we do not know about, because we never realize that we have become the lie, even if it’s just the slightest, ‘white’ lie – everything accumulates, manifests and comes back at us eventually. So it’s literally about prevention as it’s the best cure, to break the cycles of delusion, brainwashing, limitation and enslavement by our mind, by money, by energy.

It’s okay to acknowledge that we have scars inside, stupid habits, unrealistic fears, desires, addictions or fixations – we all are flawed, but everyone can change. If someone can’t change – they have not yet lived and thus their death will be kind of meaningless, because it’s just systems what will die. No offense.

Real Life is to Change and walk into the Unknown which is Self.

That is why to dedicate one’s days here worth to Birth Life from the Physical, which is what is best for all. It might seem like a political slogan, but it is not political, neither religious, nor spiritual or scientific. It is simply common sense.

So that is all for now, in this post I just wanted to express and clarify why I keep meaning that it is crucial to utilize DIP and EQAFE for deeper and more practical understanding of ourselves and this world, which I keep committing myself to do and share.


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