Day 409 – VLOG – Childhood memories – From Conscious to Aware

Continuing to explore the points I’ve started within my last post and to explore my suppression, some storytelling from childhood and how to approach changing with Desteni Process from being conscious to become aware.

Then expanding more on this specific physical experience I had when I was a kid and how it catalyzed to grow within my mind, instead of expressing in reality.

Don’t forget to realize that anything is possible, just one has to commit and act, one breath at a time – and it’s alright to ask for support, so then one day the one becomes the supporter!

I recommend to check out and start walking DESTENI I PROCESS LITE free online course, where one can learn about how human mind consciousness works and how to be able to change ourselves to become better and in general more true to all life in terms of responsibility.

EQAFE: where all the knowledge about life, mind, animals, history of the universe, parenting and all kinds of support can be found in the form of audio books:


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