Day 408 – Vlogs of expression

talvl-1Recently acquired a camera which led me to do Vlogging and in general talking instead of writing here. Let’s see what opens up in real time one by one…

After one, which is like a ‘warm-up’, proceeding to share more:

Vlogging is a direct way to express oneself, if paired with introspection, investigative, assertive self-communication within self-honesty, it is a great assistance and in general supportive aspect of one’s general well-being.

I recommend to check out and start walking DESTENI I PROCESS LITE free online course, where one can learn about how human mind consciousness works and how to be able to change ourselves to become better and in general more true to all life in terms of responsibility.

EQAFE: where all the knowledge about life, mind, animals, history of the universe, parenting and all kinds of support can be found in the form of audio books:


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