Day 296 – Insignificant moments

Transcendence with the tiny moments. I’ve made a vlog:

Transcription of the video:

Even the least significant moments can be actual accumulation for taking the momentum against(to stand up to) one’s self-limiting mind.

For instance I’ve just cleared the toothbrush after wasting my teeth and then as I was cleaning the toothbrush, even in this insignificant moment, what at least my mind tries persuade me that in this moment I can think of anything else, because I am so superior being, I can think of some other stuff in my life meanwhile I do this, so my mind I would say ‘Don’t worry, I am going to take care of this, you just fly into your mind and think of anything else, whatever you want’.
And if I really look at it in this apparently insignificant moment, I say no, I am here, I am present, I direct this situation and I take over, thank you very much. No friction, no fight, no resistance. And what I accumulate here is that even within the smallest moments I am here, so apparently my mind would say, ‘Oh, then I would no have enough time to consider (apparently) more important things in my life, such as paying the bills, or how to make my job professionally, whatever!’

But in fact, as I direct myself in this moment of cleaning the toothbrush within absolute presence, I also gain self-trust and discipline and self-direction. So then when I face other points what apparently again – seems like more important in my life, then I will be also able to be present, directive and not disturbed, distracted with the mind, which is trying constantly to tell me what’s important, what’s relevant and what to worry about, what not.

And my mind is not my enemy, it’s kind of my nemesis, which is also myself and the solution for transcending the mind is not fighting, not resisting, but to understand to the specific points of it’s origin point, as for instance fear not having enough time, or I am more important and superior being to be really present to brush my teeth and clear the brush after all, because whatever reasons, but finding presence within this apparently insignificant moments also accumulate into more self-trust, more physical presence and in overall more awareness. And also it’s a bit simple to take over these moments first, like I have huge problems in my life.

Start with the little things, because there the mind has…you have given permission authority to these aspects of yourself, but you can take back more easily than the whole whatever relationship, or money, or world system problems you face. And within you start to know yourself, you start to understand how to deal with your distraction points, with your fear, addiction, whatever. And then you just walk this process. And then you realize it does not matter if it’s a small point or a big point. It’s like I am here, this point is here, I deal with it. That’s all.
So it’s no problem if I write about apparently insignificant moments if I am unable to understand the whole situation in order to support myself to prevent prevent to go into these mind-reactions or distractions, because it’s accumulating to the greater good, which is like really being able to trust myself to not go into the mind or even if I would do, it’s my own direction, meanwhile I am still here. I am still directing, I am still present.


img_0655I forgive myself that I have not realized that the definition and judgement of ‘tiny’ and ‘insignificantmoments are merely creation within my mind, my virtual personality database, wherein everything is being constantly created, or consequence of my interest, according to positive- and negative-based belief systems, and thus – the very idea of that some moments are more important than others is also belief and actually hiding the points I have not yet realized about myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that there are moments what are more important than others in my life, what I should focus to, and according to that belief, to automatically give permission my mind to systematically create the judgement of ‘insignificant‘ moments, wherein I do not have to be ‘that much present’.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize, see and understand that if I am not here consistently and constantly, I am basically diminishing and ‘falling into’ my mind system, which is a self-created separation experience, which through I give my power away to not see the wholeness of what is here, but only based on a self-limiting view of interest as if its significant enough to ‘honor it with my presence’ or not. Within that not realizing that if I am not present, I will actually not know if that moment is indeed significant or not,  and that is the self-eating snake I justified myself to diminish into and within that also not realizing that the only significance and honor I can ensure is to actually be unconditionally present in all moments equally.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that with my exclusively past-based knowledge and information judgement system to decide what moment is significant or not, I try to re-and re-self-fulfill the prophecy I’ve seen in my mind based on my fear I try to escape from.

I forgive myself that I have not understood how I am trying to justify existing within fear by utilizing thoughts to tell me when I can go into my mind to have another set of thoughts about another fear by believing that if I think about something, I will figure out a prevention to it, meanwhile in fact I am giving up constant and consistent presence, which is the key to accumulate self-direction and self-trust and to understand everything what’s present.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that the moments when I am alone and doing things what I every day or very often do, such as brushing my teeth, taking a shower, or even walking around, creating habits and do these actions without fully being aware of the body, and meanwhile not realizing that the very indication that I ‘leave’ presence into thinking about something is fear, which I do not directly see, its source and origin I do not realize, but blindly trusting my mind suggesting me that in those moments I am more efficient and effective if I allow thoughts to flow through my mind.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that I allow thought to be reacted to, which then can trigger another thought and feeling like this is me ‘moving’, meanwhile in fact I am suppressing myself, not moving, not sounding, not living, but only reacting according to my past, based on a specific fear which I keep accepting, at least by believing it to be real enough to have this ‘workaround’ about it and resulting in not being constantly present in and as the physical within awareness.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that within defining moments of every day actions as insignificant, I actually make my presence and direction that, and by that not even realizing the actual significance of what I could realize, manifest, live if I would have stayed constantly present by stop being the slave of fear.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to define brushing teeth, washing the brush, dish washing, cleaning, or even ‘just’ walking as insignificant and based on the judgment and actual skill of being able to ‘automatically’ do things, in fact I am accumulating the occasions of giving into fear.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that when points coming up in my mind as distraction at the moments what I pre-defined as ‘insignificant‘ is showing me that my mind is in a way ‘leaking’, the problematic points I keep reacting to are not ‘contained’, but conflicting within and thus trying to re-and re-process those points in order to stimulate myself into a solution, but that is not true as by thinking and reacting about it is actually the opposite of solving it, but rather to accept it, just have energetic experiences about it in the self-delusion that ‘I am now thinking the problem’ and yes, but not the actual solution.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that when I am being distracted by reactions, thoughts, feelings, emotions while doing something what I’ve defined as mundane, ordinary, easy, boring, that means that I am not honoring myself to be fully present to face those moments based on pre-judgments of what those moments are about and also that I have not given myself the adequate space and time, effort and practical method to face the points coming up in my mind for concluding a practical solution for the problems I keep unsolved.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that the spiritualisation of the all equal moments I’ve been created through the perception of separation and judgement in my mind by defining some moments as more important, more meaningful, more divine, thus creating a polarity system of when it is alright to be not fully present with my utmost potential and when I should and then relying this auto-judgement-mechanism system to tell me when I should be more present and when I do not necessary to and all the while not realizing that if I am not present in any given moment, all the accumulated presence, awareness, direction and substantiation of SELF as LIFE is gone entirely again, just as my absolute self-trust, self-direction and self-honesty, thus basically I have to start to make a stand from scratch, breath by breath.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have excuse and justification that I can and should have multitasking while doing the things I’ve defined previously as insignificant, thus to go into my mind and think

Self-corrective statements for the situations I commit myself to remain present:

When and as I brush my teeth, I breathe in and out, I focus to physical presence, my standing, the senses, the gravity, my hands, my face and I honor myself to be present and directive while doing it and if anything comes up in my mind meanwhile, I realize that it is alright to remember, make note, but NOT self-honest to just follow any thought, reaction automatically and go into ‘thinking mode’, meanwhile just brush my teeth by habit, just as remembering how I washed the day before and before that.

When and as I wash my hands, I focus to presence, the physical feel, my wholeness as direction and expression and I direct my mind to stop and I breathe in and out.

When and as I walk, I focus, discipline, direct and express myself as the body directly and trust myself that in that moment I am the living word of walking and if something I have to wonder about what would make me go into my mind, I consider if it’s relevant, important or supportive in that moment or not, and if not, then I make a note, a remark, a point to return to this later and keep walking.

When and as I would go into doubt, thinking, reactive judgments about not being sure what is self-honest and supporting to do simultaneously, such as walking and talking, or considering what to buy in the shop, and as long as I am accessing anything from my mind instantly, here, while not being distracted, lost, it’s practical, but not to the point of losing direction, physical and breathing awareness.

When and as I feel like I do not have time to stop doing what I do and I would feel the urge to think about something while doing something, I breathe out and in – or in and out accordingly and realize that it’s not about speed as it’s not life-threatening to give myself one more breath and consider something WHILE remaining present.

When and as I drive and start thinking about something and thought follows thought and I miss the driving direction and awareness point of the system of progressive driving, which is to ensure to remain responsible and response-able in any given situations, then I see the need for dropping the topic in my mind and re-align myself with the driving entirely and if I am being overwhelmed by reactions, then I slow down and I make possible to have a stop and then sort things out.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to admit that small physical action mistakes and accidents are happening with me, because being in my mind, thinking, or already projecting myself into the future of what I am going to do, how I will react, feel and do, meanwhile missing the simple physical action references of walking properly, taking objects, putting here and there and those apparently ‘simple actions’, what I already acknowledged that I can make mistake doing when I think.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to be aware of the fact that almost all of my injuries I have suffered have happened due to preoccupation in my mind MEANWHILE doing something, handling objects with what I made myself cut/bleed, bruise, stumble or fall or drop things, hit or smash things and those are also indications of me becoming out of sync with physical real time and space as entering mind virtual space time which is completely unrelated to actual reality, thus compromising my effectiveness and presence, thus awareness and responsibility as well.

I commit myself to stop and drop all labeling of moments in my life ENTIRELY of which moment is more significant or which is mundane, and to take full responsibility in all breath equally by realizing that any moment can only be more special or important based my own self-interest, which can be considered, but not to be subjected to to the degree of being distracted to fall out from actual physical time-space continuum.

I commit myself to stop defining every day things what I always do as mundane and insignificant, such as brushing my teeth, washing myself, things, cleaning, go to toilet, walking around, carry things, even driving – I realize that each moment is reflection of who I accumulate myself manifesting to be, thus I direct myself to establish a self who I can be present with and as in all time without any doubt, fear by knowing who I am and re-defining who I am able to honor with consistency.

I commit myself to use any available tools necessary to deal and transcend any distractions coming up in my mind by recognizing that those aspects I’ve separated myself from and by the nature and relationship of the word-judgments, I am able to decompose the pattern of fear/self-dishonesty to take responsibility and forgive myself for giving my mind permission to suppress, then all of a sudden re-appear and distract me from what I am currently doing and by that not being able to be the director of my life, but being directed by previously manifested consequences of judgement, separation, fear and self-dishonesty.

I commit myself to not get blindfolded with an excuse of ‘equalizing’ all moments by convincing myself that there are no moments when there are more stakes in terms of responsibility, such as in direct life-threatening moments, or constructing a high-value deal or making an exam, wherein the decisions and actions I do can have more direct or long-term consequcence, but this should never compromise to go into a polarity-manifestation to deliberately abdicate to responsibility within standing as self-honesty in all of my moments equally.

This is, just like the argument people can put out when I say I support equality and they immediately say it’s insulting bullshit as there are people who have more valuable skills, experiences, significances in terms of their situation, position in the system, etc – but that is not about equality.

Equality is to recognize and honour the qualities and potential, what exists  within all, regardless of circumstances and conditions.

It’s like dogs: they mostly are so cute and a joy to be with them and great support, but that is not applied to a just commanded police dog to bite me or when wild dogs flock and scavenge anything alive – but still – the potential and life within that dog is still present – and when I say equality, I do not get ‘blinded’ by the positive imagination of ‘lalala cute dog’, but also not get completely ‘owned’ by my current personal involvement of ‘this dog is attacking me’. Awareness is not positivity. Neither bitter negativity. It’s the whole picture. Or at least a process to be able to get to

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