Day 273 – Presence as substantiating Awareness

Expanding on Presence. Process of bringing myself to Presence.DSC_0391

If I have this thought/emotion coming up within me and influencing me, moving me, then I am actually compromising my presence here, because I allow some systems within me, what I have accepted and allowed and gave permission to automatically active and come into the context of my self-expression. And I find the best practical way is to find out these automatic processes is to write down the words I contain and as I explore the relationships I exist within according to these words, I can reveal the creation of my own personality, because it’s really practical and common sensical to take my power back so to speak and stop blaming outside of me, but take responsibility for the creation I represent here…”

Continuing to talk about this within this video linked here.


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Enjoy Breath and dare to investigate all things within self-honesty and keep which is best.


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