Day 261 – Decomposing delusions part 2 – spirituality

spiriContinuing from the previous post, where I reached the point of opening up Spirituality.

Within the video I’ve linked below I am sharing some context, my story, before walking the Self-forgiveness about my experiences with Spirituality.

2016.03.27. Sharing how I realized that I had to let spirituality to go to be more free. Yes, when I started with it, I believed that with it I would become more ‘free’, however it turned out that I’ve just implanted an other belief system, what I realized that I have to let go, so I did it. Talking about this point.
This is a context for the Self-forgiveness I walk in my blog about the patterns I decompose, what I realized that I allowed my mind constituting but directing myself to change and to see, what’s beyond.


Pictures are just to show something up while my audio recording plays – all taken by me.

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