Day 257 – Why the devil is in the details?

IMG_3418Why people keep saying that? What does it really mean?

I approach this from the concept of Self-honesty today.

Let’s imagine a self, someone who is capable of not lying to oneself. It does not seem too far fetched at first – especially when somebody considers things in overall, meaning not going into the details of the things one is considering about.

For instance a typical thing of someone – “I do not want to be horrified by the daily terror of what is really going on in this world today or tomorrow and will continue so probably for a long time, because then I would be really saddened, shocked. And that would be no good, because I would just keep being shocked and feeling totally sad and powerless, so what is the point not being able to help and facing myself like that – so rather I should just enjoy what I have and appreciate the opportunity to be able for me to feel good, because, well, feeling bad is not good.”

On a certain level, this seems like normal, acceptable reasoning, however this is not detail-oriented, not containing all aspects of the phenomena to the utmost specificity. So where is the devil in such behavior? Not really visible, because it’s not going into the details to such degree for one being able to recognize it.

The devil here is merely just a symbol for self-dishonesty, when one is lying to oneself, especially when doing so meanwhile not even realizing it. So the one is being perfectly deceived, because will not even question self: one’s decisions, one’s behaviour, thus the deception by the devil is invisible and invincible at the same time. Of course the devil here is not else but self, so it is self-deception.

For one to be able to discover/recognize/acknowledge and then to see/realize and understand the self-deception, must go into the details of the facts to the utmost specificity.

The topic can be really anything – from ‘my own resistance to grumpy cats’ through ‘my opinions of political or economic changes’ to ‘the meaning of my life, love and happiness’, or even ‘am I lying to myself ever?’

What I refer here is to investigate, investigate, investigate – cross-reference, study, engage and question all things, all ways.

I had several resistances, energetic addictions, delusions and worries in my life what I was able to decompose and remove from my beingness with this investigative process, supported by tools learned from the free online course of  Self changing self is really remarkable and it is encouraged extensively, because when something is not good, why not to change it and if my attitude does not help changing it, then why not to change my attitude? If thinking about following the rabbit too much would make one lose sense or stability – stabilize in and as the human physical body – it’s always here(while we are alive, and when we will not, then it’s done anyway, so why not appreciate it with each breath?).

Well, fascinating, as by this page – the original proverb was something like this:

“Le bon Dieu est dans le détail” (the good God is in the detail).

This also can be reflected back to self as creator, created and creation itself altogether: – I am only good god when I know all details to the utmost specificity, otherwise I am split – I might be created but not being aware of the details of my creation, therefore I am not (one and equal with and as) creator.

So the way then to unify self with all what is created here is to know the details of the creation to the utmost of specificity. This might scare people, but worry nothing! As if one dares to explore the very details of one’s perception about “understanding all creation”, it also can be debunked about there is nothing to worry about and in fact all creation can be investigated, understood and become aware of and that is responsibility. Why? Because once the practical application of creation (of a perception, a belief or even a helicopter) has been really understood, with that practical knowledge it can be changed, decomposed and even re-created from scratch, or if seems more practical to re-align or refine it or even to change it completely, then why not do it?

Within complex systems, there can be one tiny part what if goes wrong, the whole system can stop functioning properly, and that bad part can sabotage the whole system – at first sight this part might not be obvious, visible, clear, but then we have to start to understand the system to find where the problem originates from and how it is a problem exactly and why it is there – and with these altogether I can fix it.

There is no need for emotional tantrums when facing difficulty, but rather to put that ‘energy’ into direct and throughout investigation, understanding and practical application to become aware more details of the problem.

And if one is often facing these emotional tantrums, then it is also suggested to understand that system and find the devilish detail within self what causing to react that immature way with which one sabotages not only self but his/her surroundings, the whole reality in fact with the simple math of accumulation, as 1+1=2.

I could give a dozen more example in my personal life how I was able to assist and support myself with finding the devil within me, which was always a some form of self-dishonesty, lying to myself for some less conflicted moments in exchange for longer, less supportive consequences, just because gave into immediate temptations of experiencing – or avoiding – certain energetic or physical experiences.

It is not valid excuse if you don’t know or you don’t understand – neither if you know it all and thinking that you understand, but while existing within, accepting inner conflict, frustration, anger, blame, fear, apathy, doubt – or becoming addictive to feel good, positive, loving, blissful, joyful while the whole ecological, economical, social systems are creating so much unnecessary pain. Because if one starts to know the details of the things are HERE on earth, it’s certainly seems like the devil is in fact in these details: physically manifested by our own acceptances and allowances, actions and by-standings directly or indirectly, but both ways what is here in and as the physical on earth is who we really are.

Those claiming consciousness superiority, origin and infinity are also ones who has not yet done the work to get to know the details of the actual creation of consciousness, mind and the physical, therefore they have no actual directive power, because if they would had, they could already change the whole system, so then they rather justify it’s existence to not need to face the fact that they are in fact entirely lost.

Don’t fear the devil, it’s just detail – and until you don’t know it, in fact you only can fear from the unknown – and if you already know it, then you see, it’s actually you here.



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