Day 250 – Driving self-correction part 2

IMG_5873Self-correcting statements continued in regarding to driving.

One might ask why I bother writing down these, am I not that super-aware that I just simply decide and do these – it’s question of self-honesty really, one must see what is the most effective way to realize all patterns  oneself constitutes within physical expression and if not the best one can be, then the question is ‘why shall I accept any self-limitation?’.
Also to apply common sense, because this does not mean that all parts of driving I should ‘practice’ until the end of times to see what my potentials could be, and within this to see what is driving for me and who I decide myself to live as and act accordingly.
For me as driving hours almost every day, it’s common sense to accumulate responsible and effective driving skills as soon as possible and to stop any automatic distractions coming up manifesting here from my self-accepted past, when I was not driving.
Within writing it’s a sort of screenplay I create, a script, with which I can assist myself to prepare for the moments to come to live the correction.
Also to see during this writing if there is any resistance, reaction still coming up to further specify, purify myself to become unified and effective within my decision.

Words can become directive power within reality if I am equal and one with what I write, speak and act, because then I am living those words and by that they become directive principle within this world.

I’ve realized that this supports me and by that I share what is good for me, because within that, it’s good for others as well and even if I am not yet effective within something, I take responsibility to expand and by sharing who I am, it’s also accumulating integrity, because this is why I do it, this is how I change, this is who I am.

Self-corrective statements:

When and as I cause the engine stop on the road I stop judging myself, I prevent myself to go into the emotion of shame and embarrassment but I breathe and I keep focus on directing how the car should behave, especially ensuring that the car does not roll back or ahead but I apply the break and also focusing to be present when restarting the engine and ensuring it will not stop by applying the clutch and the gas appropriately.

When and as I feel myself being embarrassed or ashamed about how I would judge myself driving, I realize that this self-judgement is not supporting, it’s diverting me to be here and apply the correction, change I see necessary.

When and as I feel that I am acting like a rookie and feeling that it is not so ‘cool’, I remain here and let go the comparison, judgement and realize that only with self-directive practice I can be better and if I am not yet satisfied, that means I need more practice, time, effort, and self-judgement is just an unnecessary distraction so I prevent myself going into that pattern.

When and as I worry about not being good enough in other’s eyes of how I am able to drive my car or handle situations, I realize that all I can do is to learn from mistakes and accumulate experience with disciplined presence without any fear or comparison.

When and as I want to please others as I perceive others would enjoy me to drive around, I realize that it’s not about pleasing but driving based on the mutually accepted rules and ensuring the most safety and not block others if preventable, but the most priority is to prevent accident and harm.

When and as I judge myself as rookie or not good enough in driving I stop and I breathe and I focus to driving actually and I let the comparison go and also the fear of not being good enough.

When and as I feel like I am going too fast and I could not stop in any moment if something would happen in front of me and therefore feeling tension but not doing anything about it, such as slowing down, because of other or because of excitement, then I slow down and take direction to the car and stop judging and fearing about what others would think of me if I go slower by considering all the problems I could create if I would cause a crash/hit, which is my responsibility to prevent.

When and as I see the tendency to react when I feel myself being blocked by other vehicles in front of me what are slower than me, I stop going into ‘what the…’ mode, not even for a moment, but I immediately re-align and direct myself to be completely here and directive, regardless of how long or how slow I am being blocked, meanwhile applying common sense about what to do to, thus not worrying about needing to stay here forever, but if possible, to find a better way.

When and as I see doing or causing something what I judged previously as not cool, I stop judging myself and stop comparing myself with the things I do, cause with the things in my mind and focusing to the process of improvement.

When and as there are pedestrians moving across the street, regardless of pedestrian crossing and I would feel like blocked, slowed down, I breathe, I relax my body, I let go all muscles not needed to direct the car and I remain here, directive and realize that the most important is safety and to remain here, calm, directive with common sense.

When and as I see that other cars wait behind me for me to pass by pedestrians, pedestrian cross, I prevent myself going into imagining how they are becoming impatient as waiting for me as patiently waiting for pedestrians and rather focus to the pedestrians and to see when it’s appropriate to cross without threatening or endangering or even getting close to anyone and I breathe.

When and as a pedestrian passes through the street what is not by the traffic rules, I remain here and directive and realizing that it’s still my responsibility to prevent any danger/accident, so I remain here, direct the car appropriately without any reaction/emotion/feeling/thought but pushing myself directly to act, wherein even keeping the car on hold is action.

When and as I am blocking others way for a reason and I hear they use the horn and make the sound of they want me to move over/move away I remain calm, present, directive as realizing that emotion/reaction will not help solving this, but only exists as distraction and instead I focus to move away/forward as effective as possible or if not possible for a while, then to give others way to pass by without any need of frustration, emotional charge as this is part of the driving and will happen from time to time, so to allow myself going into reaction based on this is me basically allowing to be screwed up at random times and in those times justifying it with the situation but in fact I am doing it.

I commit myself to prevent going into any emotional energetic reaction stimulation during driving by deciding to focus to what is here in each breath and to decompose and forgive all patterns what drive my focus away from remaining here within consistent self-expression during driving a car.

I commit myself to stop comparing myself to others or ideas about how I am driving and then defining it as cool or uncool and by the energetic reactions to those, stimulating myself and listening to thoughts/feelings/emotions and accumulating patterns automatically re-emerging in my mind to distract me from consistent presence within self-direction during driving.

I commit myself to stop fearing from what can happen when I am driving and rather constantly being within the awareness of what I can do in this very moment to prevent any danger/accident/problem.

I commit myself to keep expanding and learning about how to drive effectively and safely one breath after another while forgiving all patterns emerging automatically as part of the self-definition personality mind consciousness program I’ve accepted and allowed to identify and behave as who I perceived myself to be and.

I commit myself to take the time to investigate when something is bugging me in my mind re-occurring and thus diverting my attention from driving and apply common sense to solve that self-dishonesty.

I commit myself to develop skills to be able to consistently drive within responsible, patient and effective way within self-honesty.

I commit myself to consider other participants within the traffic who I am interacting with by the principle of give as I would like to receive, meaning what I would find as disturbing, threatening, dangerous, uncomfortable, I do not do onto others without any expectation by defining that this is who I am and this is what I stand for.

Next time I will write about the word ‘navigation’ – as becoming more effective on driving, the bigger picture within traveling is related to that.

There are some self-definitions I relate to automatically what prevents me to expand naturally, but ‘luckily’, I can apply the Process of Self-forgiveness to directly change the patterns I constitute by decomposing and releasing, re-aligning, changing…

to be continued….


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