Day 238 – Who killed the World?

Not so long ago I had an interesting discussion within the Desteni Movie Night live hangout about the movie called Mad Max: Fury Road.

Within the movie there is a dialogue what ends with the question:
(A pregnant woman, Angharad is escaping with the others while Nux tries to stop them):

Angharad: Breeding stock! Battle fodder!
Nux: No, I am awaited!
Angharad: You’re an old man’s battle fodder!
Angharad: Killing everyone and everything!
Nux: We’re not to blame!
Angharad: Then who killed the world?
*Angharad pushes out Nux from the war rig.*

In the story this is also written on the wall of the room of the wives of the main warlord, them pointing towards him and many state that to males directly. I would not narrow it down to gender-related inequalities, but rather seeing this gender point also as a mind-personality role, what are being formed by the so called ‘culture’.
What is expected from a man, woman in this society, according to norms, local, national, international, universal levels – the stereotypes, characters of the personalities we constitute by every day accumulating our lives with words thought, said, acted out.

Is that really only men who screwed up and are responsible for the problems we face?
What’s relevant though is that we can interpret problems also as something to solve, so to pointing fingers we have to realize it’s the opposite of practical solutions.

In the movie, the world has burned up, there are no much thing what left but nothing is lost completely, there is still chance if we all recognise what’s are at stakes, here: humanity as a whole.

So who killed the world – within this discussion Valentin and I discuss this also among many points in relation to Mad Max: Fury Road.

Here is the discussion about the movie ‘Destonian style’: