Day 237 – What is Self-forgiveness?

What is Self-forgivenessPSX_20150930_075117-small

Starting by explaining what is NOT!

It is NOT a Religious term!
There is no god-concept involved, there is no asking, praying for forgiveness…
It is a SELF-expression!

It is NOT a Spiritual term!
There is no energy, consciousness, chakra, bliss, path, enlightenment involved or imagined…
It is a DIRECT SELF-movement!

It is NOT a Technological term!
There is no mathematics or knowledge, complication is required beyond the simple equation of 1+1=2
It is ACCUMULATING Self-direction!

So then WHAT Self-forgiveness is?

It is simply taking responsibility for what is already here as self as acceptance and allowance.

I see, realize and understand my own creation within the perceptions, participations and consequences I have been and still being responsible for.

Within this process I recognise the patterns I, as Self constitute of and as, the building blocks of who I am as a person, a living physical being and what aspects of me is based on fear, separation, spite and self-interest.

That is responsibility when I not only recognise the self-imperfection within accepting self-limitation, but I make the decision to stop allowing myself to exist within such limitation and in fact self-deception.

I give myself a new opportunity to stop participate within self-dishonesty: I forgive myself for what I have accepted and allowed, because within this I gift myself with the ability, the power to change myself and thus the world as well.

Within this I understand that any blame, projection of responsibility is also self-dishonesty, so I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to wait for others to change, wait for others to forgive instead of me forgiving myself and live that forgiveness as self in and as the physical as the living flesh.

By writing Self-forgiveness, sounding the words of Self-forgiveness, applying Self-forgiveness within action I am unifying all layers of my beingness and becoming the Living Words.

There is no need for any concept beyond practical common sense, becoming absolutely specific and not accepting anything less than who I accept myself to be as Self-honesty as LIFE.

Therefore hereby I state that for Self-perfection there is no need religion, spirituality or technology, so to rely on, await for, depend to such concepts, practices is also something what can be investigated, understood and in fact practically forgiven, if SELF decides to.

Decision by itself, as the very definition of the WORD also means: I have power as a CHOICE, which I recognise and become as creator. By applying Self-forgiveness on the self-acceptance Self exists within, one finds that something what has been already decided also can be opened up and re-investigated, thus Self can be re-created according to something completely new: based on one single principle – I do not lie to myself while I decide to understand how and why I am who I am today.
Forgetfulness of why I have specific preferences as the building blocks of my personality also can be self-for-GIVEN, thus it supports with awareness and the ability to recognise the patterns what are based on self-interest, fear, spite, thus those are also self-dishonesty what can be stopped participating within.

Who do not walk Self-forgiveness by stating that they are already forgiven all their fear, self-interest and spite, meanwhile they are not living the words of: what is best for self is what is best for all as well are exposing themselves directly with the fact that they have not yet walked through all the mind-patterns of themselves what can be and should be walked through.

This is a skill, an ability, a Self-expression what can not be demanded or expected from anyone to recognise why to walk and in fact walk unconditionally, but it is all’s responsibility to show others what they are accepting and allowing, as they might not know that they do not know that Self-can be re-born with Self-forgiveness.

I do not need any proof more than my own process: I was lost within so many ideas and perceptions in my mind that I had no stability, clarity and presence until I started to write and say and act forgiving myself the patterns I recognised do not supporting me. I stopped alcohol, drugs, addictions and many if not all desires what distracted me from simply being here and accumulate self-trust and self-direction, which I commit myself to walk unconditionally.

My life becomes more simple – not easier, but more clear, focused and obvious and there is support from others who already walk this Journey to Life from systematic Consciousness to Living Awareness, because it’s more effective if there is cross-reference with another. The point I refer to is called Desteni I Process Online course. I often refer to this, because I am learning so much, enjoying to not just understand but to apply it in the current world system.

All the tales, stories, powers and dreams I was wondering about since my childhood about becoming the man who can understand others and the system starts here with understanding myself, my mind, my beingness. By understanding the basic patterns of the mind one can see through deception and the layers of consciousness, which literally means ‘Seeing the Matrix’ so to speak and not give into any temptation of self-dishonesty. Blame, projection, manipulation, justification are just some examples of these patterns what humans accept as part of their personality without even realizing that to understand these is key to change and practically transcend self-limitations.

If anyone finds oneself with struggling to survive, to find stable ground, balance, fighting addiction, depression, loneliness, desperation, uncertainty, I do recommend to at least read through the simple lessons of DIP LITE course – there is no fee, there is a buddy system, which means someone experienced supports with the participant, a person, who recognised the effectiveness of self-forgiveness GIVE this as they already realized the principle of Give as you would like to receive. They have already given support, so it’s natural self-expression to give as well.

Also to just become more effective, adaptive, self-directive, purified within self without any agenda, to try this approach of self-perfection is also suggested and be open and who knows what one can find within the deepness of self, all the potential we never imagined we have within.

Accumulation is a key, thus every day to apply something what adds to better understanding, more honesty will certainly result in more self-direction and self-trust and thus – a truly better world.

Here is the entry point to assist and support ourselves with Self-forgiveness:

I also suggest to check out this video channel containing great Self-support:

Enjoy and share