Day 234 – Asking and answering to SELF – VLOGS

IMG_4996Started to share VLOGS again to share some points in regarding to investigating and stopping Self-limitation and how to establish Principle as LIFE to live.

Just an overall, impromptu share of where I stand within my process currently and what I have realized thus far.
Re-defining words to re-align with direct physical living instead of being influenced/lost in the mind through KNOWing who I am, thus transcending THINKING by decomposing the patterns of the relationships I consist of based on the words, reactions I accepted and allowed myself to manifest within as self-limitation.

Writing through the layers of my mind brings me here, slows me down, accumulates direct physical action and I am able to cross-reference of any abdication of self-responsibility which for I commit myself to find practical ways to change and apply the real physical time solution.