Day 232 – Reviewing Desteni Movie Nights

IMG_4994_small-dmnMore than a year I am participating and hosting movie and TV-series reviews, discussions with people who are walking Desteni I Process courses.

There is a certain perspective these courses give, which is very effective for understanding our mind, behaviour and also to find and stop self-dishonesty, and how to re-define and change ourselves according to what is not only good for ourselves but others too.

I’ve been walking DIP(Desteni I Process) courses since a couple of years, which I look at as a specific university, where the topic is the human being, specifically myself… The lessons, tools, the techniques, philosophy and paradigm these courses give are outstanding, never witnessed any study material like this. So direct, challenging and game-changing for the fact that the more I invest into it, the more I receive as ability to understand, change and direct myself as a human being including my mind, my behavior and the very beingness of who I am in relation to life and the whole existence as a whole.

Not just becoming more aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, but to understand their origin, my own creation points within my past, which determines who I am today – and if there is fear, self-interest, self-dishonesty, then it’s common sense to take responsibility for it.
To recognize blame, projection, attention diversion, suppression, to be able to stabilize ourselves before going into patterns what not supports us is really great assistance, what ripples through our entire lives.
That is how we realized that movies – and in fact anything – can be also ‘used’ for self-support – to reflect back who we are and what can and should be changed.

There are a lot of movies for instance, what use great analogy for depicting and explaining points, aspects of what individual humans or we all as a whole are facing and by reviewing these with practical common sense, it can also be great self-support.

Also there are story lines depicting certain paths of individuals of what choices they make and what consequence they face, what relationship dynamics they create and how to deal with those.

To compare our own lives with the characters in the movies, what we can reflect back to our past, to our decisions, what we could have done better if we would be in their shoes, or what similar situations we already faced when we were able to assist and support ourselves or others.

That is Desteni Movie Night – live youtube-google hangout discussions where viewers can ask questions and we answer those according to our insights if we can relate within a casual, comfortable 40-50 minutes.

Well, I am here reflecting back to myself as well, what has changed since started doing these hangouts. In the beginning I was a bit anxious, first of all, because my first language is not English and sometimes I make mistakes and also because it’s live, there is no correction, but to keep rolling forward and if needed, to correct my mistakes immediately. Also there are some responsibilities the host has to do, to setup the event, inviting people, during the live hangout to deal with questions, technical details of the event, in the beginning it was a bit overwhelming, but as I accepted the challenge with specific goals I’ve placed in front of myself, this is the time I see that there is no resistance, anxiety when I start the hangout, it’s normal – yet I still can make mistakes, but it’s all right, the only one makes no mistakes, who never tries.

There are still points I focus to improve in terms of my own self-expression during speaking into the camera: my eyes can be a bit ‘scanning around’ as I find the words I want to speak, so not always looking into the camera, which also can be re-aligned if I do not rush, but calm down, even if that means to talk a bit slower, give myself the time to find the proper words and remain calm, directive, and even if sometimes it’s tempting to try to do multiple things at a time, like look at comments while discussing or checking something else while listening, it’s really worthy to just take a deep breath before speaking up and allow myself to establish clarity within first and then the words come more naturally.

Another aspect is to not compare myself and my expression with other participants, who are more talkative, expressive or even more slow or anything of ‘style’ but to trust myself and share one breath at a time.

So it is to reflect on that consistent application with decision supports accumulation – it’s a useful skill to speak into the camera, to not lose track or get distracted by inner reactions but to remain here, even when I have to do two things at the same time – it can be actually a lot of fun and simply enjoy myself and the others and really focus to share common sense, self-support what I’ve walked through already.

Last time we’ve talked about The Godfather, previously was Mr. Robot, and before that Groundhog day, but there were many-many more(True Detective, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Dark City just to mention some), also those when I did not participated but others were discussing.

Mostly there is ‘spoiling’ of the stories within these hangouts, so I suggest to watch the movies/tv series first, then watch the hangout.

It is to recognise that it’s an ability to see potential self-support within any story, any form of art or any human creation – we realized that we, participants after several movie review hangouts, we’ve became more effective to be able to share common sense and relate with self-honesty, self-realization, which was quite a not expected gift what stays with us and only accumulates.

So many things are so similar within each of human lives and their story, individual movie so to speak and even when I presumed that a movie what I was about to discuss I could judge as not so interesting, turned out to be quite supportive in terms of self-realization. So it is also showing that ‘thou shall not judge’ but keep open mind, meaning not being distracted with the judgements of thoughts, the influences of feelings and the stimuli of emotions, because beyond those there can be much more to embrace as a wider perspective.

Here is the link for the playlist, containing most of the Desteni Movie Night hangouts:

These hangouts are shared within the Desteni I Process(DIP) channel, which is home of many more kind of discussions, people, who are walking these courses, share their own life experiences, insights, realizations.

Just to mention another hangout series also entailing many-many discussions of the DIP youtube: :

  • The Journey Beyond Spirituality and Religion
  • Desteni Senior Hangouts
  • Education & Studying Support
  • Bullying Support
  • Support with Stopping Addiction to Porn and Masturbation
  • Addiction Support
  • Physical Body Support
  • Transforming Family Dynamics
  • The Working Environment
  • Relationship Support
  • Practical Self-Empowerment

There are several Desteni I Process online courses available, starting with the DIP LITE, which is to grasp the principles and the tools for starting to investigate ourselves, the mind, how to support change with writing, self-correction and there are DIP PRO courses for those who dedicate themselves to get to know the human psyche, mind-body-being relationship more deeper; and there is Agreement course for transforming/establishing more supporting, stable, enjoyable relationships/partnerships, starting with self, shared with others.

I uninhibitedly promote these courses, because, first of all I got so much support for free by those who already walked through their shadow selves, so to speak, and also that with these tools so many advantages I find within my life, I am becoming to learn and expand to things, abilities, skills, attitudes I never believed I ever could be able to do. I also have participated a LOT of psychedelic experiments, but there was always something missing, and that I’ve found with these, it was ME HERE. Interestingly enough I stopped seeking, searching, wanting, desiring and also being able to consider much more than myself and to start to understand not only myself, but the world too. So this was the most honest advertisement I could ever do, which for I take full credibility and responsibility.



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