[JTL Day 199] 10. Making Love Visible part 5

Continuing with 10. Making Love Visible part 1 and part 2 and part 3 and part 4 as a point within my Declaration of Living Principles.


I forgive myself that I have not realized that actual real love starts with exploring what is  not love, what is self and within that what self is not and thus the actual self-forgiveness of stopping what is not self-honest within my action.

I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that real love means it is visible and here in and as the physical and thus it is the act of walking out of the mind and walking into and as the physical body breath by breath.

I forgive myself that I have not realized the point of real, visible, practical love as “give as you would like to receive” and “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” as simple, effective, measurable way to establish what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to create bubbles within my perception of separation, interest of myself, fear of change, limiting myself thus not be able to recognize the only way out of the past through practical equality and thus re-defining words to live according to the principle of what is best for all.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to believe that the universal truth and source and destination is love and when not being able to find/experience/express it unconditionally, defining existence as delusion and not realizing that only my starting point was delusion, and all I’ve accumulated as manifested consequence within this delusional starting point is also here in and as the physical what I am responsible for.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that I am responsible for what I accept and allow to manifest in this world in relation to the word love and all it is here is who I allowed myself to be accumulated to become as equal as one.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to delude myself with the idea of I must define love according to one person and define that one person as the subject/goal/interest of my love only and disregard anything else and defining my purpose as to be close, be with and be of mine of the person of the definition of my love.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit myself and my idea of love according to the polarity game of the mind as hate/love and realizing that none of those can be real love as it is always of friction/energy/reaction/consciousness/judgement/separation and thus always conditioned; – conned and thus can not stand the test of time and within that not realizing that all feeling of love as a bubble will inevitably burst thus if I would take refugee within such delusion, especially when being aware of what I actually do – I would be directly responsible for the choose of self-interest-based love experience instead of a physical-visible-love reality.

I forgive myself that I have never considered that I’ve allowed myself to delude myself to be in love with someone in order to fulfill my hollowness what I’ve defined and experienced through and as my mind, the consciousness, the polarities of self-definitions of good and bad, positive and negative and thus creating friction, energy, reaction within my mind and body and defining it as who I am meanwhile in fact disregarding all beings equally and only considering my own interest for my own definition of love without ever questioning what I am doing and why.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define love as affection, desire, obsession, possession, reaction, arousal, anxiety, frustration, butterflies in the stomach, body parts shaking, dizziness, foggy mind, confusion, devotion, bitterness, unfulfilled, fulfillment, satisfaction, completion, adventure, excitement, happiness or any other mental/emotional/feeling/body energetic experience without realizing that these are just experiences, reactions, and real love is physical action and thus whenever I give into the energetic experience of defining/reacting to something as love is self-delusion and thus accumulating into creating bubbles in my mind which will eventually/obviously/inevitably burst and I will be at the same state/point when I’ve deluded myself into the experience by giving into the temptation of energy/reaction/definition/thought/feeling/emotion experience to influence/direct me instead of myself be here/direct me here/live visible, physical love here in and as the physical.


When and as I experience something within me according to the word love – I stop and I let it go and I realize that love can only exist as visible, physical reality and thus whatever I participated in the mind according to the word love – it is self-dishonesty and thus I apply self-forgiveness unconditionally in and as the moment immediately and act, live, be this forgiveness as really/practically/literally stop defining love/stop defining love as experience, stop reacting to definition of love in my mind by polarity/friction/thought/feeling/emotion within seeing/realizing/understanding that if I fall into the definition of a part of the whole I am limiting myself, deluding myself, prolonging to live free/full/unconditional love by separating myself from the whole of self as equal as all and thus I stop the reaction I breathe with empty/silent mind and I act with the practical consideration of what is best for all.

When and as I feel overwhelmed, facing upcoming reaction as excuses/justifications/reasons for why I would need to separate myself/self-define love/limiting the subject of love to parts of what is here, I see/realize/understand that this is self-dishonesty and thus I stop, I stop defining, stop defending my personality within recognising the fear of change, fear of loss, fear of responsibility and I become aware what is here and what I can actually do as responsible for living a visible love in this very moment and I actually do it.

When and as I give into the energetic temptation of my mind of become occupied with knowledge and information/personalities according to what is love instead of live love from within as undefined, yet being clear on what it really means to love.

When and as I find myself buzzed around with thoughts in my head within my conscious mind – I see/realize/understand that these are absolutely irrelevant of who I am and what I am committed to live in the moment – yet those are patterns/reflections/reactions of my self-acceptances within and as the patterns/self-image/relationships in and as the subconscious/unconsious mind thus I let the thoughts go and embrace physical presence, self-direction and self-honesty and focus to what I am actually doing here.

When and as I would doubt that I am able to do or get done something without thinking/energies in my mind/doubt/questioning/fear/uncertainty/wavering – I stop and I realize these patterns do not assist and support me to be able to express myself nor within be stable/consistent/clarified/efficient or direct action here thus I let go the doubt, the reason for the doubt, the energetic strive for being animated with the reactions within and I trust myself to learn move me here unconditionally.

When and as I would stop expressing myself within worry and fear of consequence, fear of failure, fear of hurting other, fear of losing something – I realize that I am within the process of re-definition of visible, physical love within what I focus to how to stabilize myself in and as this human physical body with one breath at a time.

When and as I feel overwhelmed by desires and energetic addictions to fulfill such as arousal or want something so desperately that I feel my presence blurred – I realize that I prevent myself resisting, fighting, I always focus to what is in my mind one breath at a time and I stop it consistently and I start physically moving at the same time and by that re-aligning myself to be able to be consistent, stable, responsible and that is the way towards unconditional love what I commit myself to explore and express.

When and as I worry about being loved by another because defining it as not real I stop judging, I stop fearing and I stop running and I remain here and all influences I see within me in regarding to that experience – I stop and I stop myself reacting and I stop my mind moving and I stop all within me energizing automatically until I am here and I am clear of fear and realize that if I want I can walk away from others and I am not obliged to fear of consequence and I do not need to be dependent for being loved by another and especially it is not necessary to fear from being self-honest with myself and expressing that to others.

When and as I feel wanting to be loved I see/realize/understand that I’ve separated myself from myself with words/reactions/energies and the solution is not to fight/strive/seek that love outside of me but to realize that the very need for it was not real, only as a perception – yet to realize that it is alright to enjoy to share myself, to share with others and live equality one breath at a time.

When and as I fear from trusting someone who tells me being fallen in love with me because foreseeing that the person will stop feeling that way and then will change, will change that apparently called love toward me and whatever I’ve considered as real/consistent/trustable will change and go away and go away and it is to realize that I can anticipate all and all things human can feel/react as I am being aware those within myself as well and it is completely up to me what I decide to live and who I share myself with and the only point I can trust within this is absolute self-honesty and if not being within that certainty then it is obvious that I have something within my mind moving me thus in that moment I do not hope, I do not worry, I perfect myself according to this connection and decide for myself what I am going to live and how I ensure that I will remain within or without that no matter what because this is who I am and if any way whatsoever I allow myself to be unstable within blaming towards anyone I stop myself and I realize it is always me who is responsible for me thus I take my considerations/decisions/commitments and words/actions seriously.

When and as I have reaction to the word love, such as thoughts/positive or negative/ feelings/emotions as positive or negative – I realize it is the self-interest what judges and decides it is good/neutral/bad and it is not who I really am but how I’ve allowed myself to perceive this world and the events through and as my mind which I commit myself to stop participate within by investigating/seeing into me/writing out the patterns/wording the experiences/events and realizing the points I’ve fallen into self-dishonesty and forgiving myself for accepting myself as and applying a practical, physical, doable, measurable correction with which I stop the self-dishonesty within and with my expression as equal as one.

When and as I am being asked how to explain or express what is love or what it means to me or being asked that is it real or is it the greatest force or just how I see it – I simply answer that love is equality, love is the give as I would like to receive and the only love can be real is what entails all what is here equally and in practical terms what it means is to give to all what I am getting such as food, shelter, education, health care, water and this is the basic for the real baseline for any love at first and until it is not established on earth then love still require to be manifested in this existence what I see as responsibility, I am responsible for and in fact equally as all.

When and as I face someone who is telling me that has fallen into love with me I say that it is not something I can trust/live with – because it is already a ‘fall’ which is obviously not self-directed self-honest self-stability and thus I humbly say within principled living I cannot afford such a person to be my partner without a blink and without a self-blame that I am causing the other feeling bad by refusing her within realizing that it is the mind what the other experiences, not me, I am just a trigger point, no matter how harsh and heartless this might sound I trust myself and within these principles and I welcome the other to consider to live within principled living.

When and as I would become unsure/confused/desperate/feeling hopeless within how to actually manifest real unconditional physical love in this world I stop and see/realize/understand that the law/monetary/educational/political forces are what are the most fundamental influences to humanity thus I am re-aligning my commitments within investigating/approaching/participating/directing those manifestations as life as myself as all as equal as one as practical, measurable, physical love and accumulate actions what is best for all.


I commit myself to stop running from the words and my reactions to the words in relation to LOVE and realize that I am able to re-define who I am in relation to the words and how to stand as who and what to express and I can change myself according to words with self-investigation, self-forgiveness, writing, self-commitments, self-correction statements to find out what would mean practical, physical, visible love which is best for me and all equally.

I commit myself to share the physical love which is equality, to share my realizations to the word love and how to change myself to love myself and all others equally and how to establish a trust within myself and with others with physical, unconditional, practical love with the principles of ‘give as you would like to receive’.

I commit myself to stop deluding myself with the feelings/butterflies/energetic highs of the self-defined energetic movements as love and stop lying to myself that when I am being affected/attracted to/get aroused to and feel desired to someone that it is love and see it as it is: a mind-possession what can be/ should be and in fact must be transcended by understanding/stopping participating within it and correcting myself in relation to that.

I commit myself to be proud that I am clarifying that the love I commit principle myself to express as visible, physical, practical, unconditional love and trusting myself that it is who I am and this is what I stand for and dare others to stand up to as responsible for all life equally.

I commit myself to share my realization of that if I stand for all within existence as equal as one then I can not fall anymore and whatever I do it is the process of re-alignment, the unification, the self-perfection within becoming responsible for all equally as unconditional love which is only real when it is here for all in fact, regardless of race/gender/country/age/any parameter and recognizing that it is doable, can be manifested.

I commit myself to not fear making mistakes by walking the process and expression of making love visible and whenever I see self-dishonesty or imperfection within the practical physical application of self-honesty then I rather act immediately and change myself/re-align myself and use the tools of desteni as self-forgiveness/self-commitment/self-correction to accumulate the process of self-realization for standing up for all as equal as one, in this world, on this earth, within this human system.

I commit myself to stop worry from partnership within considering all what I experienced in the past and interpreting that in any way in relation to self-limitation by letting go in each moment all I’ve defined and reacted to and give a new moment of clear/empty mind moment to embrace what is here and live in the here-ness of the physical and whenever I face unknown/change I see it as a challenge, as learning self, exploring self, living self.


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