[JTL Day 188] 5. Living the principle of Self Responsibility

5. Living the principle of Self Responsibility – 

realising only I am responsible for what I accept and allow inside of me, my relationships and my outside world and so with this responsibility: only I have the power and ability to change that which I see is compromising who I am, what I live and how this affects others.

(One of My Declaration of Principle)

Self-responsibility – this seems as one point though as I open it within the actual manifestations, how in fact just for instance myself being interconnected with many others, especially those who I am not aware of, yet I am bit by bit contributing for things to manifest which I completely miss: the things I do within and through the money system. Let’s say I have 100 money – I just get that and spend it on something – I do not really know how that amount came to me and when I spend it – I do not really know where it goes. I can follow how it is accumulating and splitting and multiplying and that happens all the time as billions and billions are moving all around constantly and there is no one human who can take responsibility for all of it at once – it is a vast system which in fact runs by itself, there is no any single individual who would be crucial in it’s operation, so within that individuality is quite irrelevant, yet there is a word what connects all individuals into it: accumulation.

The same goes within the mind – there are always events, scenarios, circumstances around me – whether I participate in the world system or not – I am already in and as this human physical body – no escape – that puts me directly into the circulation.
For the sole surviving, the physical body’s needs food, water, shelter, health care. How to get that? Participating within the system. How to do that? For the things one should know about there is parenting, education, knowledge. Words. Definitions. Relationships.

Humans have a mind, within with they can think: silent words, some filled with energies, feelings, emotions.
Simply by being in and as this human physical body: humans has the interface with the system, each other through words.

We use words to describe, to remember, to plan, to express, to explore and expand. Word by word we create.

We come from the past and being in the present and going to the future – time is passing through and within that we always accumulate – especially the things we repeat. Anything I repeat, I accumulate it’s effect, that’s right. Anything I repeat, I accumulate it’s effect – 1+1=2, that is how this system has power over individuals and that is how our mind we give permission one plus one time always, constantly to tell us how we are is human nature, this is how always we’ve been, war, rape, murder is who we are and that is what we manifest and accumulate by believing this is who we really are but in fact it is just a compound interest of something not life.

There are manifested consequences within and as the mind, as equal as one as in the physical reality – even the very action of doing or not doing anything has already impact in this reality.

Self-responsibility is to reveal and understand this creation, its very starting point and realize how me, I, the individual am busy participating within it and questioning why; and not stopping at half-way within finding the real answers to the fundamental question of who I really am.

What I allow in this reality is my responsibility, the limits I accept is who I am equal and one with.

This seems as an already done creation, everything is in interaction, everyone is someone, doing what they are doing all the time, even if one stops for a moment to question, there is an interest within it, an intent, a starting point which has already something given, created, accumulated into.

I’ve recognized the fact that I’ve gave permission to my mind to react and accumulate with energy and by that to influence, move me and my world and by that accumulating to manifest consequences, which is not best for me, not best for all.
To “go into” judgement, reaction, denial, delusion, fear, confusion, obsession, frustration is quite easy as being a human, yet it does not require dozens of years of education to recognize that it is not really self-supportive, yet everyone accepts self within these states to be.
Furthermore, to scratch what is behind all the positive feelings, desire, love, happiness – these also can be -and should be – questioned within objective common sense, not only from the individual’s interest but the whole environment and see whether it is best for all or not.

That is my responsibility and most of the time, especially within this human system ‘other’ people do not know, can not really see when specifically I am dishonest: mostly because they are also busy within their mind, because it is widely accepted and also because it requires principle and living responsibility to investigate, to understand, to see, to realize.

That is why it is SELF-responsibility, because only Self can stand up as responsible for self-acceptance, self-dishonesty, self-deception to be able to stop.
And there are times when I see I am changing, for instance just in this morning I was seeing many patterns I’ve participated previously as reacting with emotion, fear, anger and instability and this time I did not – not because it is just happening, but because I discipline myself to walk the process of Self-forgiveness, write down the patterns, slow myself down within, question knowledge, explore solutions, accumulating with one plus one action into self-knowing and self-empowerment to self-will and self-trust to really understand what it would mean “what is best for all is what is best for me”.

So within that awareness, prevention for reactions I’ve directed myself to not fall at several points this time and at one I’ve noticed some energy movement within me, which was not self-directed – it was not a big reaction, just it was there – so I specify, I expand my practical knowledge of what I consist of, because I am responsible for that tiny reaction, which was in fact questionable from the point of absolute self-honesty, therefore it is my responsibility to question and give the best possible practical answer next time if it would occur.

And there is nothing bad or wrong in these moments of when I react with sharp tongue and provocative words as I did this time reacting to someone becoming emotional, but how and who I responded as: I was able to notice that I had something energy compound which I did not direct within awareness, thus it accumulated into this exerting, which was then not really supportive.
I repeat, thus accumulate: doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but I am sure, from small things occurring constantly grows all big and then manifesting irreversible consequences, which is smarter to prevent.

Just like the world system, within the capitalistic money-hypnosis to fuel the energy of the same mind which reacts instead of directs.

Within the world system, self-responsibility has been separated into endless amount of self-interests and the strive for apparently ultimate experiences as happiness and love, power and stability, which to get within this harsh and neglecting system requires money, what is accumulated that the rich feel positive by enslaving the poor who feel negative.

This is the very same within the mind: having negative judgements accumulating into emotional storms and make the individual strive to grasp which is provided, taught, suggested, hypnotized as positive, good, all of this through accumulation of words, images, reactions, ending up the human being just an word-and feeling-driven programmable experience organic machine, apparently always choosing which is good for this apparent idea of self, which is completely separated from everything else, lost in the experience, defined by the reactions, limited to self-interest.

We are in a quite closed system wherein separation and opinion is more important than the fact that we breathe the same air, drink the same water, our bodies are build from the same dust.
Each mother knows how much has to be provided for a child, yet it is absolutely neglected for billions.
Each father exactly knows what it means when can not provide the best for their own family, yet they accept themselves as can not being able to consider all other fathers – and mothers and children – equally, just mesmerized, bubbled into their own tiny experience-reality.
Each and every single human child is facing the same world when born, feeling the same sun and most of them are determined for endless suffering what for it is really rare that someone would like, can or even willing to take responsibility for

Each human exactly knows that without proper food, shelter, education, health care this world can easily become hell, yet it is disregarded completely for those who have no money by abusing the very word: self-responsibility by blaming ‘their self’ for what they accept and manifest while ‘my-self’ is quite alright.

It is human right to choose yet in fact it is not a choice who is born into what amount of utopia from the fact of that there is no unconditional love existing in this planet, or if one perceives such – it is deliberate to screw with the mind to not manifest it for all equally based on some hidden agenda.
These things simply happen, because SELF has not yet been understood, realized, lived, therefore realizing that Self-responsibility is not just about oneself but it starts here.
Disregarding the point of equality as breathing the same life force within each is creating unthinkable amount of abuse which only can be dealt by individuals standing with the same starting point as Self-responsibility in unison, accumulated into by many “one plus one equals two”-s.

So Self-responsibility is to see who I am and what is my DIRECT responsibility as an individual in regarding to my mind and located within a physical human system wherein each one starts to realize that currently this all accumulates into manifestations what is obviously not best for all and to purify one’s beingness to the point of being able to deal with what is here, facts, physical reality and stand within unwavering, unchanging as the principle as all life and investigate, research, manifest, accumulate practical solutions for the systems to be changed one plus one until it is a world wherein all can live a real life, a life which we could wish for ourselves as others proudly.

After I’ve started to walk out from the mind-systems to physical Earth, it is clear for me that the Journey to Life blogging Process of Self-forgiveness and Desteni I Process courses(starting with the DIP LITE) is the foundation for taking self-responsibility for a principled living within which I see/realize/understand that only I can change myself and to explore and share unconditionally what that really means.

Thus I share all my realizations, insights, mistakes, solutions, changes to ensure that I live the principles what I talk, I take responsibility for all who I am, who we are and what we are going to manifest as the future of us all.


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