[JTL 150] Need for fight and win part 3 – Correction

Budapest – Ferenciek tere

Continuing the last post with Self-corrective statements to re-align myself with physical, living being to prevent mind consciousness to influence, stimulate, move me to explore what is here as reality within self-responsibility as the power of and as myself to remain consistent as the principle for what is best for all.
This writing is a step in the 7 Years of Journey to Life wherein we take responsibility for ourselves, our mind, our life and write the patterns to decompose, investigate and ask what is best for ourselves and for all and apply Forgiveness for and as self to change instead of blame, justify or hide. Sharing our inner mind we all can realize that each human is facing similar process to realize, stop, re-align and express within the interest of LIFE. I walk my process from thinking, doubt, fear into living, expression, action and let go all definitions, reactions which limit me to stand up for myself, for all life equally.
Hear some common sense from Bernard Poolman on Thinking and Secret Mind:

Mind and Consciousness can not be trusted as it is already infused with the starting point of self-interest, survival, fear, judgment, polarity, separation which blocks us to see what is really here to understand and be able to change as ourselves as equal as one to live a dignified life. So today I write about facing power, the definitions of power, reactions to power and how to correct I prepare myself to LIVE this correction in and as the moment. Writing is the tool which is being used for humans for scripting, screenplays, business plans, sales procedures, political speeches etc – so it is common sense to apply writing for Self-investigation, Self-correction, Self-commitment as well. Writing is PHYSICAL ACTION which is already SELF-MOVEMENT – not as thinking in the mind which is NOT SELF-MOVEMENT but self-acceptance, self-suppression. So this is why it is supporting.

For those who would like to live the real alchemy of words, to change worlds of and as self – there is this free online course for Self-realization:

Also Desteni forum is for asking while studying the enormous amount of Desteni Material. I’ve got so much support that without it probably I would be lost or already dead by all the delusions I’ve participated within. So Check it out, I write Self-corrective statements here:

When and as I try to virtualize, model situations what happened before by thinking and reacting to thoughts and allowing these thoughts to just come and being stimulated to – I realize I am not present, I am not here, I am accepting already manifested nature of self-acceptance of neglect my responsibility for all what is here as who I am as life therefore I stop, I stop allowing thoughts, I focus to physical, I breathe, I let it go and re-align myself with what is physical, common sense within inner silence, remaining undefined.

When and as I define power as negative, avoidable, judging power with the polarity of thoughts, I realize I use the self-reflection tool which is the mind to define who I am so I stop, I breathe, I let all judgements go and I trust myself within common sensical doable application.

When and as I fear from power, from fame, exposure or wealth because remembering that I had this fear when I was kid and I was reactive and automatic I realize I am here today with the starting point of all life – I embrace everything what is here and I re-align myself with and as my human physical body and within my reality I apply common sense, I use simple mathematics such as 1+1=2 to accumulate which is good for all participants considered equally.

When and as I fear from something to do or face and try to imagine in order to prepare myself for facing it – I stop myself and I check “Do I have fear within my starting point?” And if so then I apply Self-forgiveness, I apply self-correction immediately and I script myself to prevent going into fear and I consider what would be the best outcome without thinking which if I feel not capable of then I use the tool of writing, I write everything out and I empty my mind and I understand what is here breath by breath and then I apply common sense within the consideration of all participants.

When and as I face possibility of expanding financially I let go all definitions and fear and worry of what if I would use this to serve only my self-interest and disregard all with excuses and justification as I see that financial status within my life is what determines my ability to move effectively within the system so it does not change my starting point automatically, only if I allow so or if I allow myself to be influenced so, and for that I trust myself for applying Self-honesty, Self-forgiveness, Self-correction, Self-commitment to live according to principle as ‘What is best for all’.

When and as I judge people that they are wealthy and selfish and I feel envy I stop and re-align myself with common sense, physical, here and I realize it is not about how I judge others but what I can do and how I can live and who I really am and directing myself to accumulate within each breath and every single action.

When and as I define myself according to experiences and use experiences to tell me who I am I stop, I re-align myself into and as my human physical body, I breathe, I direct myself to stop, stop entirely until I am empty, clear, dark within and nothing moves me but I take responsibility to remain here, remain directive, remain myself in experiences undefined, stable, consistent.

When and as I experience energy, energetic experiences compounding within me which I judge as these will and in fact already changing me who I am from consistent, same self here within starting point of and as life, breathing, physical, principled being – I realize I participate in the judgements, mind, following thoughts, allowing reactions to define me, so I stop, I stop myself, even if required I stop my human physical body to move and I give myself the moment of breathing, letting everything go which is not physical self here and re-align myself to accumulate consistency here.

When and as I worry about what to do towards those who has power, wealth, exposure, fame and stability within the system who I perceive as ‘opposition’ – I realize it is because I judge them, I judge myself, compare, polarize, define and react with fear which I stop, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear from not powerful, wealthy, famous enough instead acting, accumulating within common sense which is best for me and for all life.

When and as I face worry, anxiety, fear which I can not stop with breathing, letting go, immediate re-alignment I commit myself to note, schedule time, write out and apply the tools of self-investigation, self-forgiveness to explore what I am unable to stop and specifically why, how I’ve created a pattern what I’ve given permission to within myself to influence, direct me instead of myself being the directive principle here as self, unified, clear, empty yet expressing breath by breath.

When and as I face judgements within myself as dark, evil, selfish I realize it is of fear, of polarity, of self-definition according to memories, experiences which are not here, I am here as physical body, flesh as life which is just here so I let go all polarity judgements and consider what would be the best outcome for all participants here and apply common sense within practical application.

When and as I do not realize that within judgement of evil, dark, selfish I create friction with good, light, selfless, it is not real, it is only mind-game, virtualization, which I let go and focus to practical application, common sense and consider facts here.

When and as i judge people within thinking who are obsessed with positive, light, nice, love as being lost – I realize that judging them is the reflection of I am separating myself from them, which is the same – polarity as me and them instead of realizing that I am all what is here in all moments to I let go definitions, I consider which is the most practical to support all life equally and I act according to that within breathing without judgements.

When and as I feel myself being influenced by positivity and negativity of people and would start to accumulate judgements and energetic reactions within myself towards them – I realize it is only me, just me who is responsible, as I react, I give permission for perceive separation and therefore I stop myself, stop myself judging.

When and as I face things what is not the best for all life – I do not tolerate, I embrace and live acceptance and I investigate, I study, I learn and I find out what would be the most practical solution to apply without accepting abuse, without compromising my starting point as all life here.

When and as I define power as money, exposure, fame, wealth, I stop, I realize it is self-definition which I limit myself with within the polarity of the mind, and I realize that the only power I can have is living self-honesty, living for what is best for all breath by breath and accumulate which outcomes towards a world within what all life is being considered equally.

When and as I feel the need for win, for victory, for domination I realize it is because I’ve judged myself as being lost, battled, dominated, so I let go the definitions and I use common sense what would be the best practical solution to manifest a world within all can win even if it seems idealistic – I consider to the core of the problem, I investigate the most influential existing systems existing within humanity what directs the outcome and I find practical solutions to accumulate which is best for all participants.

When and as I experience the energetic rush, adrenaline, feeling of winning, dominating and ruling – I stop, I let go the energy and I breathe, feel the body and I remain here, physical and consider what would be the best for all participants.

When and as I experience people who are obsessed with provocation, stimulation, winning – I remain here, directive, clear, present and I apply common sense and seeing it as non personal, even when I am being targeted – I remain practical, stable, calm and even if it is required to leave – I remain myself, consistent, stable and breath by breath I am here and consider what is the best outcome for all participants here.

When and as I do see within empty mind, clear, dark inner self that I do require to use tension and raise my voice – I remain here, directive, I do not define myself, I do not define other participants here – I trust myself and I prevent myself to go into self-definition according to experience and I express myself and use tension, voice until it is common sensically the best for all participants here.

When and as I do see within clear, present, empty mind that I do require physical power to protect myself or others – I remain calm, present, directive and I apply common sense in action and remain the same, principled, physical.

When and as I face anger and hatred I realize if I react to it – it is of fear – so I ensure I remain here, physical, present, directive and I act immediately and stand up for not suppressing anything abuse and if required I do leave without judging myself as defeated but considering what is the best for all life to live breath by breath here.

that’s it about facing power for today

I’ve listened this very supportive EQAFE interview today, these are the real education for those who stand up as life as responsible for get direct support how to live within understanding in our crazy world today.


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