[JTL 145] Positive and negative energetic delusions part 1

Within this post I continue walking through self-correction for the specific words I’ve reacted to by gaming which I’ve allowed myself to define lacking, needing, desiring within the starting point of self-definition and fear. Let’s see, a simple sentence of my story of gaming what consists of ‘behind the curtains’, meaning not just the conscious mind, what I see myself as thinking, feeling, but beyond that, behind that, below that, under that, what can be written out within directly and exploring with Self-forgiveness to see how exactly I’ve accepted self-limitation to become and evolve to be.

If one starts to walk this process – it will seem like endless – all acceptance, allowance can be explored within practical Self-honesty and first of all to know the machine(self) to stop the machine and live real transcendence – which is obviously not just meditating and stimulating energies and feel awesome but to stop limitation, to be able to take responsibility for more and more until one can stand with all what is here and always consider, act according to what is best for all. That is always simple, obvious, here, but if one does not see, realize, understand – then one can walk a PROCESS of Self-realization, which is DESTENI is standing for – no need to believe, investigate, apply, realize, expand and LIVE.

So walking the process of decomposing the energetic mind – coming from my childhood computer gaming point.

First scenario: electrified – when I saw other kids gaming, controlling the game with joystick, keyboard and the character in the game moved accordingly and avoiding enemies and going through obstacles, I’ve felt like THAT’S IT – IT IS FASCINATING, EXCITING, INTERESTING, STIMULATING.

I’ve defined my real physical living as boring, robotic, limited, predictable and tiring.

Decompose positive and negative judgment.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define my real physical living with words and then by definition I accept that in the next moment without directly experiencing, physically feeling but already having the definition not to experience, feel, be directly here because I’ve attached an energetic experience of ‘negative’ to it and trying to avoid, separated from that energetic experience.

I forgive myself that I have never questioned my automatic definition mechanism within myself and not realizing that it is myself only who I give permission each time for any judgment, definition what I think of in any moment wherein I am not directly here, I am not experiencing what is here, I am not physically here therefore I am existing only within the self-accepted, self-defined, self-limited automatic energetic mind.

I forgive myself that I have not realized that within the definition of something as ‘negative’, which is not pleasant for me for a reason – I have never questioned the initial self-judgment of why in the first place I go into the energetic charge of ‘negative’ – instead of realizing that the duality, polarization of the energetic mind within me is the act of escape from what is here therefore the moment I accept and allow to go into the trinity of

  1. me, who is defining
  2.  the subject of my definition
  3.  the act of defining

wherein I am not aware of what is real but only the separation – by the separation, as the separation, the starting point of separation, the reason for separating myself to be one and equal with what is here what I in fact fear to face, directly live therefore in any time if I define, think, judge, categorize within my mind automatically – I face the fact that I am lost within the consciousness systems which is all the systems, energies, definitions, relationships, polarities therefore I am not living, only being stimulated to react as an organic robot.

I forgive myself that I have never realized the common sense as the solution to stop myself defining within myself automatically experiences, events, physical processes by directing myself to be here, directly the physical, remaining here, feel the breath, be aware of the presence moment by moment.

I forgive myself that I have never realized the obvious need for applying Self-investigation for the self-automatic definitions I live out, act out with slowing down within, always, constantly, writing out all words I react to, because within writing I am directing myself to put everything from my mind into this physical reality wherein I can see what I allowed myself to became.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become addicted to the energetic reaction of definitions, thinking, feeling and deluding myself completely with the obsession with the ‘positive’ in a hope that it is really the solution while not considering that negative and positive is the same kind of energy, only the polarity, the direction of the energetic movement is different, so whether within I participate – I am responsible for the others to create as well as positive is always relative to negative.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define electrifying experience when I am excited, curious, fascinated, interested within what I experience and within defining it as ‘positive’ in fact I never question why in the first place I allow myself to automatically go to positive and not seeing the FACT of already having a relationship with ‘negative’.

I forgive myself that I have not realized the common sense to investigate automatic ‘negative’ experiences as well as ‘positive’-ly defined experiences as the same, as self-definition, the act of disregard of what is here, and never realizing that losing my real power as absolute self-will, self-direction, self-presence, self-consistency accumulates within each and every single participation within thinking by focusing to what is only self-created and in fact delusional and serves only self-interest within the obsession with self-definition, the energetic experience of ‘negative’ and ‘positive’.

I forgive myself that I have not realized the common sense within equalizing myself and embracing all what is here as it is without judgment, without the need to be driven by a personality of what I use to tell me which is good, which is bad for me and according to that acting in the world system automatically to fulfill who I’ve defined myself to be and who I want to be, specifically who I want to be defined by myself automatically.

I forgive myself that I have never realized the Solution to become equal and one with all what is here literally without any limitation as always remain inner silent and embrace what is here and trust myself without a single thought, trusting myself to act, fall, stand up and learn just as animal, human children learn to walk, act without a thought, just direct physical expression.

I forgive myself that I have always praised energetic experiences, definitions, thoughts, positive, negative instead of seeing that all what I seek, want is be directly here and experience everything as myself as equal and one and then be able to express myself without any self-limitation.

I forgive myself that I have never considered the solution to become the creator of myself, my reality directly by letting go the addiction to define, to use reasons and justifications to define positive and negative in order to try to improve myself and never seeing that with the fuzzy logic personality matrix, definition by definition in fact, really I am separating myself from what is really here, from my own human physical body, from all other beings, because I become unable to experience directly, only by definition, reaction.

I forgive myself that I have never realized that all ‘ancient’ books, scriptures, stories, legends about superhuman, master, ascended, guru, buddha, god is a reference to what ANYONE can become if being able to practically transcend their own mind, the ‘own’ polarity definitions, the act of judgments, definitions, the positive, the negative and allow ourselves to directly experience what is currently here.

I forgive myself that I have never realized the deception of praising consciousness, mind, thinking as better, superior, greater, more important, real and degrading direct physical, flesh, the reality here as lesser, limited, irrelevant meanwhile all within the current system which is relevant is physically measurable, directly and always here, therefore if anyone wants, desires, hopes after power – real power over and within self – must require to come back, ground oneself into and as the physical, moving here without moving within and as the energetic mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to give into the temptation of positive, love, energy, beauty and not realizing that all is only self-generated by thoughts, feelings and emotions which are not directly me here, only a self-accepted energetic relationship manifested within and as my human physical body here.

I forgive myself that I have never realized that the human physical body contains and entails of different levels of minds, which are merged into one and that is called myself meanwhile these layers can be investigated, understood, walked through and stopped participating within breath by breath, letting go definition by definition, reaction by reaction, limitation by limitation and being able to be here, always, directly constantly.

I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to limit myself within the belief that the reality, the physical realm here is not pleasant, the actual, current human system as REALLY exists with all the FACTS here I’ve defined as avoidable, because within the already self-accepted automatic mind who I’ve defined myself to be within action, I’ve always concluded that things what exists here are NEGATIVE and within experiencing it by definition, losing myself within the experience of self-definition of ‘negative’ and never considering STOPPING defining as negative and developing the ability to embrace it as it is undefined who we really are here within and as existence.

I forgive myself that I have stopped investigating how reality, the mind, the world system really works and all the dynamics, relationships have been manifested, because I’ve defined it as too intense, defining myself as lesser, smaller, insignificant in relation to the WHOLE and not realizing that within participating this singular self-definition I accept the greatest self-limitation automatically, and expanding on that only, I develop ways to justify why I do not take responsibility for all what is here.

Join the Desteni Forum and study the material and ask questions and transcend

Remember, nothing is what it seems and all is in reverse – nothing and nobody can be trusted in terms of what is true, as Bernard Poolman stated out: “There is no such thing as truth – only denial of what is here.”.
So the 7 years of journey to life is a group effort within individuals walking their visible process to let go each and every single denial of what is here, which is obviously not a ‘nice picture’ but to be able to change it, we have to see it as it is directly without being reacted with ‘negative’ and wanting to stimulate ourselves to ‘feel positive’ – one must find the pace within what can effectively remain stable in the system while not accepting it as ourselves.

“Be in the system, but not of the system” – yet the system is also ourselves, so each inner reaction what with we define it – we in fact deny our currently manifested nature and until that is not stopped, transcended – we can not understand our creation to realize what must be practically done in order to change and manifest heaven on earth – which should be here, not projected AFTER death. And one practical step to heaven to give as we would like to receive – food, shelter, education, health care, water – within the system it can be distributed with the proposal of LIVING INCOME GUARANTEED. Check it out – it is down to earth – each mother knows what a child requires for nurturing – that to give to all first is practical love – and then we can play around but this is first priority – if one has problem to get it – requires process of understanding how things are, what is real life and what is of mind-programmed CONsciousness system of limitation.

An outstanding blog for realizing creation bit by bit, word by word: http://practical-desteni.blogspot.com

Okay, that’s it for today, enjoy breath, explore the physical, accumulate actions what is best for all.


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