[JTL 102] Transcending Consciousness

Recently I’ve been noticed that when I am clear – I am able to hear others ‘more properly’ – meaning not just hearing the words, but the sound they speak with and that have a lot!

The next point I want to bring up is that sometimes I am not able to make the difference of the reactions coming up within myself in regards to the words they speak and the actual way of how they sound the words, meaning I have reaction to the words, the way how they sound the words and I have self-automation, self-definition what activates so fast that I am not able to differentiate that the experience I have within myself when the other speaks that is that of myself or of the person.

Previously when I had psychedelic experiences I knew this can happen, but in that phase of my life I was unaware of how my mind really works, before the education I’ve started with Desteni.

For instance when I heard the dog barking on mushroom, I felt like I hear the being, the actual experience of the dog and what tries to ‘say’ and in that moment I had the laugh so long that after walking 10 minutes to reach the bridge from where I’ve heard the dog and I was still laughing – as distanced away from the ‘dog scene’ and still hearing it’s barking and still ‘feeling like’ really within myself, not ‘hearing it’ and then reacting to it, defining it, but actually my whole beingness was able to embrace the sound expression and that was really-really funny when I’ve realized that with this sound we are not separated, we are able to directly communicate, we are able to share really complex state of beingness with sound but our mind is in the way, the actual matrix what we live within as our thoughts, memories, definitions, feelings, emotions, reactions, desires, fears, images, pictures, ideas of sounds and all of those things are like den of snakes sliding within our mind and body all the time as ENERGETIC packages containing INFORMATION but separated and symbolized of the actual sound expression filtered through our personality, vocabulary and starting point of participation within physical reality.

So that was loong-loong ago and since while walking Desteni Process I was able to notice sometimes that I have this feeling of ‘I hear’ the pain, the tiredness, the uncertainty, the mischievousness, the abuse, the fear in humans words, even when they feel great and within their words actually sounding they always expose themselves and it is always me who is the congestion in the equation as actual manifested limitation and separation within the currently manifested Equality and Oneness.

So recently I noticed I am more and more able to observe and watch, hear and notice things I’ve never did before.

I walk through corridors I’ve never observed and I have no thoughts, no future projection, no past mastication(fascinating word!) but actually I allow the senses directly reach me and I see how tremendous information I can sense directly.

I have a mate who is kind of fascinating in terms of how his mind and beingness works and he is able to realize things what most people can not but he always limits himself with the sentence: “The reality is too intense, it is too much, I have to blunt, deaden myself because it is too much, so I smoke, I drink, basically I get high.”. This was quite time ago but I get what he told: with the mind it is enormous quantity of data – that’s why the personality of mind of human likes to categorize, to abstract, to filter, to re-and re-define and conclude and define and pre-program.

Because then it is not too intense. I am in tense when I am reacting with energy, not being physical substance – for a moment look at this as kind of natural, awesome secret knowledge what is now being shared here: if you are directly the substance, the body, no mind – you are connected – not speaking about acid and consciousness, love and energy and light – that is still before the substance, it is part of the ‘maya’ – the delusion, the trap, what many fall into, no, I speak here about BEYOND CONSCIOUSNESS, consider that – remain undefined for minutes, days, weeks, no conscious mind, no subconscious mind, no unconscious mind, no instinct, no inherent nature, no reptilian brain, no biology, no hormones, no thing in this world can direct me, but I am in the system but not of the system – that I speak about, that I see as possible by transcending mind and consciousness. So.

I travel with subway every workday and there are literally thousands of people. Really close, I mean when I am empty, sometimes it is freaking close, like 5 centimeters there is a face, a woman chest or five.

And I am empty, I am here and I am observing the textures on the surfaces, actually it is like switching from VHS to UltraHD, all of a sudden I see all of the tiny parts of the things – as the little, as the big scale, as equal as one. And actually I am fascinated (alright there are occasions when woman’s faces are more focused but still – not as woman but as physical substance! And then I look at anyone and it is the same..)

And that if I try to define, to categorize, to understand, to make sense with who I am: it will not work, it is too much. So I let it go, day by day. And when I am screwed within, like really tired, thoughts flow and worry come – I am like Superman with Kryptonit – just like a tiny wheel within the whole machine, unaware, reacting, wounded with the mind and lost within and as consciousness systems.

I have to let go, I am letting go, I am releasing all definitions, reactions, I am empty, I am open and I am able to see what comes up within – for the fat dude, for the thin lady, for the little dog and for the huge suitcase.
Strange act but I have experience in it so to speak as I used to visit trance parties wherein in high density there are a lot of people, thousands on the dance floor and everyone wants to be at the right spot – and I was using mind-blowing stuffs and with that I had this inner emptiness, but actually it was not empty but all of my beingness, with the mind, the body, the experience, the senses, the information all were liquified and flowing through my perception and by that it was like a big mercury-blog flowing around, and it was very strange and I had details as I focused but in fact, myself who I am today here was also within this whole mercury and I was not directive, not reactive, but the mixture of it – and I was not able to maintain consistency as it was effect induced by the stuff, the substance and it had peak and it had fatigue and I was changing by that and that ‘I’ experience was not consistent and I mean for that as ‘stability’.

So here I am, after some years walking Self-forgiveness, and I see that I am able to step through my personality, definitely I am empty yet here, directive and I see my little desires are of fear and as some mate said yesterday: ‘truth makes you free’ – and when I am absolutely Self-honest, I see what is my truth, that this part of me is a layer of consciousness which I use for equate myself as original incompleteness coming from my acceptance and allowance from what I have learned through the SOUND RESONANCE of parents, school, media etc.
So then walking Principle as Life as What is best for All then I can naturally align as myself because I do not have ‘personal agenda’ – of course I still require money, shelter, some fun time, yet I do not lose perspective about what is really relevant, in terms of being aware of that this what I already HAVE – many-many do not have and then I see naturally that I am not really separated from those who lack the basic requirement for living, for surviving!

Then it is not a choice, not a decision, not a philanthropic step to actually consider what would be the solution working not for me but for all.

And when I am more and more empty and silent within the more I embrace and allow others into me, as me – with no separation, no definition and then I stabilize this, I remain consistent as I sort out the reactions coming up by embracing my direct HERE-ness, presence, and EXPANDING AWARENESS breath by breath.

So within this process I see that there is no letting go, giving up myself as actually this self-awareness I currently have is an illusion, a religion of self for what I keep giving sacrifice as ENERGY of mind which feeds off from the PHYSICAL body of myself, of others, who work like slaves for low prices for the ones who have MONEY to buy what they want by desire and inflated, smartly engineered and implanted by the system of establishment of fear which has been manifested as law, government, media, which is literally the external mirror of our inner self as EQUAL AS ONE within Oneness and Equality, therefore all rebel and revolution and resistance is literally Self-destruction.

Therefore to actually understand the world system, I understand myself and I stop what I realize within Self-honesty as Truth as myself as not being really myself and then I embrace what is here, I embrace what I really am, what is literally what is here in and as the flesh, as self is flesh and what we actually do and accept and allow is the only relevant reality.

Therefore to SOUND words what is aligned with who I really am, and actually do and write and say and act the same: I am the Living Word, and I re-align myself with those words what I can live like this, within discipline, principle, real compassion as this Self-honesty is the compass I am on as the PRESENCE always, constantly, I am here.

And therefore the sound of others can come into me as me and I experience it and I embrace it as myself and there is no separation.

I remember Bernard asking on group chat that “Are you able to write to your blog and in the same time live that in physical?”
That is practical and relevant.
So I am re-aligning my blogging to this: writing about what I can immediately change, align and live from that moment and obviously there will be frictions and issues but that I also re-align and I walk and embrace and direct everything what is here within the consideration of What is Best for all.
Without this consideration, I realized – there is no balancing out point and I go into mindfuck sooner or later because that is the basic principle: I am as all as equal as one – and with this consideration – I walk not only myself but AS Universe, as Existence as equal as one without feeling being small or growing big in my ego: I am simply here as Life.

If you are ready and able to transcend mind and consciousness, get assistance, there are beings who walk this since a while and are HERE to assist and support with Self-realization as one can not trust in and as self in the beginning as it is infused and imbued, infected and infested with and as the mind, energy, consciousness.
Desteni I Process course has been set up for effectively support those who are able to walk through the mind and I guarantee that it will challenge anyone who is not direct physical substance with no mind.


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