[JTL 20] QUORA: Answer: Why I am one Vote For an Equal Money System

Alright, here I share my personal perspective by walking these questions explaining why I am One Vote for an Equal Money System
(this is going to be an answer what Quorans define as ‘long’, if you want a short answer from me: just because I can and because:

  • Give unto others as you would like to receive.
  • I’d rather try and do things first than defning it especially this paradigm what never really got a real chance with mathematical perfection within the joke of our so called civilization; so:

Would you say you grew up in a lower-class, middle-class, or upper-class environment?

I’ve  grown up in a tiny village in Hungary where my family was poor, my  mother worked her ass off in a diary sweatshop and my father was tractor  driver in a centralized collective farm within so called communism.
As  a kid I’ve watched the family adults go eye for an eye abusing each  other around in the game of bouncing back and forth between  irresponsible(drunk, fight, jail) entertainment and surviving, and us,  kids, sometimes we had to work for instance in garden all day or  scavenging on the cornfields, butchering, feeding or my mother took me  and my sister to the dairy factory standing at the production line for  all day at weekends and the main motivator for my education was my  mother constantly saying that ‘You will end up in a similar factory  sweatshop just like I do where I’ve broken physically and mentally – if  you do not become outstanding within education!’

Did you attend college? Did you have to work your way through? Did your parents or a scholarship pay for some or all of it?
My  mother was paying for my living and and for education I did not have to  pay; the ‘communism regime’ was already ‘over’ and smoothly started to  become the privatized government(towards in fact a capitalized corporate  totalitarianism what we can observe today) I even got some dozens of  bucks monthly for up-keeping (because of my social status: mother in  factory, father already died in a drunk accident but he was already off from practical reality by so referred phenomena as alcoholism) yet I really had to  spare my coins to have healthy food sometimes.

So  I was pushed towards becoming qualified as much as I could – first as  bookkeeper and programmer in a specialized high school and after that  I’ve finished a Bachelor of Science on Programming Mathematics in  University of Debrecen and all I’ve known about my profession in  practice was what I learned by myself in summer scholarship and within  self-organized groups around the college. My interest was about  programming itself, I always had ability to speak on the machine’s language, and I enjoyed to learn artificial intelligence, fuzzy logic and to prepare myself be practical  in the economic system, and for that I’ve chosen to master  Java&Linux solutions for scientific and corporate($$$!) R&D with edgy  buzzword technologies so within that I’ve specialized and eventually  finished in 2001.

Being  a pupil did not mean I did not work meanwhile – I had different kind of  occupations to cover my expenses just to give some perspective: having  glimpses of glamorous time at a mineral water bottling factory  production line, for a while I was a car-particle ordering-software  specialist with my own driver to move me around to install and modify  the systems in the county for a local company but these did pay really  the minimum they just could, so I kept focusing on learning and  practicing programming and mathematics skills(beyond screwing myself  with chasing butterflies in my stomach referred as ‘love’ between two  bloody wild parties at the college).

After  finishing the university I already had no problem finding a decent  programmer job what I’ve picked up in the biggest Hungarian business  magazine and maybe I was lucky, but I had quite amount of salary  immediately right after getting my diploma.
It  was very weird mind-state: I was able to just go out and buy any food I  wanted to, that seemed like ‘freedom’ for the first time.

What kind of work have you done?
I  am working currently at an international entertainment/media company as  software engineer for developing internal business process driven  website-development workflow-management systems.

I’ve  tried many different works and lot’s of times I’ve lost my interest to  be a programmer corporate slave so I’ve left the country and my  workplaces several times and learned other skills what I enjoyed  extensively: arts and music, traveling and different common eastern and  western mind-trick techniques in order to become a more unified man who  can grasp direct power over himself and his existence.

I’ve  read an extensive amount of fantasy and sci-fi and ‘ancient  scriptures’, teachings wherein everything seemed possible and I was  really frustrated because very little I was able to discover from those  on this Earth yet everyone always seemed being obsessed with these  things – divine knowledge, angels&demons, magic and great powers,  space-technology etc what until I’ve found Desteni, I never really  stopped searching, investigating, looking for. I’ve extensively  participated within  psychedelics and Buddhism for a while and that  seemed really supporting me until the point of facing the decision of  letting all go and start Living really or I just recklessly die  physically because once one is really putting his/her life on these in all ways – these will always fail. So in 2008
I’ve found the  Desteni message on Youtube because no matter how much I’ve tried different starting  points and practicalities – I’ve never really stopped searching and  looking for a new paradigm.

At  Desteni I’ve found my first REAL education and the re-alignment as  Life-interest from Self-interest takes time and courage but this is who I  am, this is what I stand for, even when at times I am apparently losing  the big picture, I must walk through all my self-created delusions,  manifested consequences.

So this finding out the truth, the real and eternal life-changing truth of myself was always my work regardless of how I’ve seemed, but as long as I was looking for the answer outside of myself – I could not find me – and at Desteni the answer was given, more practically: the answer is always here as myself but I must develop Self-intimacy, Self-honesty, I must explore Self-forgiveness to change and let go the self-accepted limitations what I was not even aware of.

I’ve  tried quite a lot of kind of works, varied from basking on street with  music and juggling to working on fields or being inventory specialist at  establishment-related industries such as airport, justice-department or  even working in art shop, surveying, traveling around, studying  alternative communities and lifestyles; being stage-technician or  photographer, amateur cinematographer, just to mention some…

However  without starting my own business in the system I always ended up  working as software engineer for the big sharks as that was(and still  is) the best “spent time on job”/”getting money for it” ratio.

Have you been involved in starting or managing a business?
Business of Self-perfection with Desteni I Process

So by my own investigation and Self-honest writing (some shared here at The unification of man )  and that entails Desteni – Group of people exploring Equality & Oneness principles and Equal Money System and walking the course at http://Desteniiprocess.com I’ve found that within spiritual or individualist memes I can not trust  as these are always excluding something what is really here as in fact  Self on Earth and a real principle for the Unification of Man – nothing  in existence should be excluded within absolute Self-honesty – it must  be common sense and always as simple as 1+1=2 towards everything and  everyone just like the Desteni Principle is:

-Equality  and Oneness in all ways I am always equal and one with and what I am  facing, experiencing, desiring for, fearing from etc
-Investigate all things and keep what is best for all
-Be  self-honest and forgive yourself what you have accepted and allowed to  manifest to become aware of your responsibilities and manifested  consequences and dare yourself to stop the layers of self-definitions  and change and explore practical solutions for self and for all as equal  as one as Life within and as the physical.

So  it is obvious that we, as humanity are is severe inequality in terms of physical(required) support for instance and those  who has no money can not even have the opportunity to participate within  the ‘goods’ of democracy – yet we are all accepting and allowing this  capitalistic system wherein the value is in money, gold, profit and  entertainment what is apparently of free choice and human right but this  is always only promoted and protected by the ones who already have  healthy food, water, shelter, health care and basic education.

Because  without that: one is striving towards surviving as there is no  unconditionally Life-support – a some sort of Maslow’s hierarchy of  needs – just don’t drink and eat for a week and you can have a free  choice about let’s talk about your love connection karma light or let’s  drink water and eat something healthy. That’s simple.

After  visiting some extremely severed, exploited and poor countries around  the globe, I’ve realized that if I consider myself as Life, I must stand  up as responsible for those who cannot for themselves because of their  financial status especially for those children who will be born because  by the lack of money they face extreme neglect and have no choice but  fighting and surviving with no rules but what others already keep busy  accepting and allowing without real awareness and that is certainly not  something what one would want for themselves or for their ‘own’ children  – pre-programming, mass-manipulation and aggressive corporate  brainwashing and in fact we are the building blocks of a system what  apparently promotes freedom what is only available by money, what is  being accumulated at peak points by exploiting the energy of those who  are surviving because have no choice if wanting to stay alive.

As  I’ve mentioned: I’ve grown up in so called the boogeyman for the west:  communism – it is the same as current capitalism but with less corporate  aggression and more strong government and within communism ‘All animals  are equals but there are some who are more equals.’ – just the same as  all others – but Equal Money is not about communism, it is:

  • Be excellent to each another.
  • Give unto others as you would like to receive.
  • “love thy neighbor as thyself”

This  is the eye of the needle – who don’t get this – doesn’t deserve the  power of equals because will abuse it as others without awareness of responsibility. And isn’t the best compassion is prevention?

That’s  why practical equality within the economic system (eco no me)- that’s why an equal amount of money for all newborn  until we can heal psychologically the generations what are hypnotized by  the competition for surviving through money within a literally  cannibalistic system. And THEN we will see if money still required but  first things first.

As  the current system is not equality within mathematical perfection – as  the matter of fact, we can create perfect machines, computers, software,  weapon systems with math and science but apparently not within the  principle of “give and thou shalt receive”/”love thy neighbor as  thyself” – so at least we should TRY first to perfect the idea of LOVE  in and AS the Physical as well by mathematical perfection because real  compassion is prevention and REAL love should start with feeding  everyone’s children without the fear of ‘I will be no more special and  would lose that what I apparently own.’ What is fear of change, fear of  loss, fear of taking responsibility for what is already here.

No  one should really fear from Equal Money except the multi-billionaries  who are lost in mind-oblivion. And even they shouldn’t – they might lose  some numbers within their mind but within mathematically perfected  equality no one should – and and no one will be left behind. 

It  is obvious that by rebelling the current system only the corporations will grow as the  government will support them to suppress the rebel-lions more and more  with stronger and smarter countermeasures in order to keep the system  alive, not the actual living beings participating within it.

Within the current democratic system there is a simple and open way to change everything quite effectively without any abuse:

The One man = One Vote act as 1+1=2 simple mathematical equation.

So  I support, promote Equal Money System and I’d rather walk my lifetime  by at least ‘trying to manifest it’ before judging it because how could  we already know it’s bullshit if we never even tried?

How  ever we keep coming up with ridiculous excuses of self-interest until  we do have money, we do have food, shelter, education, health care,  entertainment – and when one has some tragedy around – then would change  – then would feel it is not fair – but in fact this is what we allow in  a daily basis all around the planet just like playing the mind-game of  ‘I am not responsible’, ‘I cannot do anything’ – yet with Equal Money  one can really love their own family, their own neighbor and in fact all  fellow human beings simply by distributing the ‘goodies’ within a  mathematically provable perfectly equalized Life-support system.

So  Desteni I Process is a ‘birthing tank’ for being educated and  educating others equally about these principles and re-align our  starting point with all life equally as the animals, as nature, as  humanity, as the planet etc and empowering ourselves here within the  current system as Self-direction, Self-will, Self-honesty, the ability  to change by principle of life as well at the same time and nurturing  ourselves and each other with a system (within the current system) what  indeed seems to be the same as the other multilevel marketing schemes –  however there are SERIOUS limitations to make sure one can not really  grow over others but limiting  the number of recruits: “You can recruit a maximum number of 10 people that choose to be Agents.”,  because the product is education with real care and one can not really  care to support with this kind of education very much people because it  takes quite an effort – so if one is supporting more in the system then  receives more and can make an income for living – and the money is NOT  going towards some greedy anonymous-role-playing ‘hiding in the dark’  directive board billionaires but to all other ‘normal foes’ who are  taking the necessary steps to educate others just like they’ve received  the same ‘equality’ education and as it takes investment, time and  energy one can receive back equally the same investment even multiplied  when supporting multiple ones but the system has the common sense limitation to not support greed only physical practicality.

So for long term that is my business but first I am walking through the course by myself.

(Is this already can be defined as ‘promoting my multi-level marketing’? I am not sure – I am not making any profit from it, as I am currently only a ‘client’ as student but if so, then do as your Quora principles required you to do so 🙂

And giving an other topic here by myself here as question and answer at the same time as equal as one because it can broad this perspective quite in place:


Let us game for a moment:

The word  “perfection” derives from the Latin “perfectio”, and “perfect” — from  “perfectus.” These expressions in turn come from “perficio” — “to  finish”, “to bring to an end.” “Perfectio(n)” thus literally means “a  finishing”, and “perfect(us)” — “finished”, much as in grammatical  parlance (“perfect”).


To Aristotle, “perfect” meant “complete” (“nothing to add or subtract”).

Let’s see our manifested perfection a bit more practically:

For instance a B2 stealth bomber costs around $2.1 billion.

I  must say, in it’s financial budget(limitation), B2 must be perfect within what it’s purpose: bombing the shit out of the given locations  within perfection.

There  are almost perfect computer games or graphics cards(for instance the  currently latest video card called Titan containing 7.1 Billion!  transistors to render stunning 3D graphics), banking/transactional/stock etc manifestations within the current system  what are still evolving but only for and by: money within the interest of  some only.

There  are many human-made perfect systems within the current capitalistic  system yet we still delude ourselves that the life-support system itself can not be  perfectly best for all – I can not accept it and never will!

Also if we would just write down all our observations objectively about the current human system how it works and why it would be obvious: it is perfect within enslavement and limitation and the right to accept abuse!

So  I challenge all ‘highly’ educated foes all around the globe that if we  can manifest perfect systems within the interest of profit – then at  least we should REALLY PHYSICALLY TRY to investigate within Common Sense  what would mean and require and really entail to manifest perfection  regarding to the Principle as Life within the interest of All.

The last thing I am sharing here is also coming from Desteni education as a new paradigm: (an audio by Bernard Poolman on yt who is not special of course just an other really dedicated(started long ago) ‘equality for all’ foe enjoying being a spokesman currently – (baker is baking, speaker is speaking)):


So that’s why I am One Vote for an Equal Money System and that’s where I stand firmly in and as existence unconditionally  because we must stand up for all what is here to entail what really  means to be responsible and be able to manifest what is really best for  all – because that entails me too equally.

Alright, it’s quite a long article but I’ve checked out that apparently it is quite alright if one answers on a ‘bigger canvas’ – so I took my time and here now it is clear who I am and where came from and what I stand for.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to share myself here extensively, the English I use is not my ‘first language’ so that’s why I use the words that simply and making some grammar mistakes but I am sure the message is clear.

Enjoy breath and be excellent to all each other!

This is in fact a step within Journey to Life


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