Self Trust

Self trust is the basement of facing. If I do not trust my facing application either – what? Then why I continue instead of stopping participate within any application what can not be trusted.
Self here is trust – everything else is not worthy of trust unless each participant of ‘trust’ is self always here as self trust – then we can talk reality otherwise who I could trust in someone when I see here how that human is constantly changing according to experiences – who are in power in physical – can direct humans through determining the impulses of their physical reality – and they will respond accordingly.
Then that being how can be trusted? It’s a complicated machine if we apply extreme self honesty and common sense – within a perfect equality system it is unacceptable to allow someone to not being aware of the consequences of their acts, because if all equally powerful within existence, if each equally god – then even one fucked up ‘god’ – can fuck up the whole existence.
Because if one is not the same all the time but defined by outside – then inside can not be real, can not be life, can not be here.
It is imperative to realize that without developing here-ness we are nothing but dust in the weather – nothing constant, nothing can be trusted endlessly – because everything is of change.
But the solution is then is also obviously here: I am here – I let go everything what is not really here physically. I let go even that what is here physically. I am here as the Physical.


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