Banks support Inequality, Separation, Elitism

My mother called me because she got a letter and apparently I’ve been approached the bank, where my salary goes – and because of salary is more than a certain amount(~1000Eur) – I was able to change my contract to some sort of ‘VIP’, what would mean the followings:
-I do not have to stand in lines to have assistance in the bank, I got a person who I can call and deal my issues with directly any day.
-I do not pay any % for money transfer, account fee, SMS-prices, most of the ATM-usages etc
-I get ‘better’ investment offers, deposit rates than the ‘usual’ bank users.
-Better credit card opportunities, more debt allowed etc – lolol

This clearly means: the bank disregards the poor for the benefit of the rich.
I would say, it would be much better if this would be the opposite – the poor should not get plucked by any % – rather the rich should be.
This is an other example of the ruthless system what measures ‘living’-qualities by the people’s money. It’s the same as the cast-systems where the outcasts have nothing and they are disregarded by the system, by the members of the system, because they are not supporting the system. Because they can not, or because they refuse to. But anyway the outcasts are very busy with surviving, so they are occupied, so they can not influence, change the system, but the system utterly determines their reality anyway – as your money, as your quality of ‘life’.
That’s why we must realize within ourselves one by one that the quality of Life is at least the naturally distributed Equality System, where none of the members are disregarded, only because they do not have money.
What is the worth of happiness for me if I am aware of the sly metal claw of this money-pyramid-consumer-addiction, a self-abdication where a Self is not aware of All Self Here as Equal as One, yet still responsible for the determination of Reality without even being aware of it only for self-deception, otherwise Self would Change.
Changing Self requires changing the System of Life – the Value must be Life – not allowing anyone to be harmed just because some have more money and they say so. Those who has money and fear from loosing it, probably they’re right – if they would not direct the current Human System with metal harshness, probably they would kill each other in years. But if we explore the Principle of ‘Equality and Oneness’ – we can research, dig out what Really Matters, here As Physical as Substance.
And if we can not Live All Equally supported on the Physical level – we do not exist as Life, we exist as a Programmed System, which will end inevitably, as it is not aware of that it is destroying itself before even realizing what is happening.

The Solution is an Equal Money System what means the maximum amount of money is divided equally between all humans and each newborn would have well enough money for:
-Support the Human Physical body with proper food, shelter, healthcare
-Support the Being with Education – how Reality works, how Self moves, how through the mind humans deceive themselves and others
-Support the Being with Pure Self Expression as Innocence as Life as Infinity

This would obviously mean that most of the crimes would disappear what are about the money.
Also this would mean that each child would have equal opportunity to Express Life – everyone should become aware how painful to
-tell your child, that she/he can not do who they really are, because the family is poor
-being told that you can not be simply who you are, because you have to fight for survive.
Within an Equal Money System – those competitions what abuse Life would stop – no more raging ‘religional’ wars for resources, no more nervesick jobs for resources where people have to win and loose for money.
The banks would put together the money – what is already in computers anyway – and start to support an Equality Group – wherein the participants would be supported in physical level and they would research and implement the New, Global Equal Money System – and then Humanity would start to learn how to take responsibility for themselves and for the planet.
The planet is going fine, but the living conditions are going down quite fast – the environment can not take any poison, it starts to give it back to the humans – and the humans can not stand up for this global changes because they are divided, separated, different intents, agendas – therefore if we do not unite within One Global Group – the environment issue can not be handled within sufficient effectiveness, therefore it is a must to bring about a change within our starting point from profit and energy to Physical Equality.


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