1 Stop personality – Stop surviving mode and Start Living

I am living as a surviver – I am surviving like the ones who are surfing – this implies the case when I was swimming with Esteni in the sea – and it was fascinating because I went in and I was enjoying the huge waves and then I went more in and then the waves were more strong and I could not stand them and they washed me away and then I was resisting and I was fighting against the water – basically against the ocean – and in fact I even enjoyed it – the fight, the fact that I was being pushed down and washed away and then Esteni came after me about the waves started to pull me out so I should come back – and then I realized that yes, I was a bit already tired and I was fighting and in that fight – in the beginning I was enjoying to fight it but then I simply slipped – I was not really myself anymore but this fight – as physically I was fighting for my life.
Yes, Esteni, I realized the point intensely as this happened already – almost exactly – I was in south India, near Goa at a beach called Paradise – lol it is called like – where I was with a greek girl who just literally arrived to india and we went into the water and then big waves came she immediately went deeper to avoid being crushed and I didn’t – I was very close to the rocks – and what happened that I was washed away and I felt myself literally like I was sitting in a washing machine. Then the wave was over and I was seeing that my head is not so far from rocks – and that contact could simply smash my head with all of my brain like a pumpkin over the rocks. In that moment she shouted for me that ‘It’s coming again’ – and I started to move but it was too late – the washing machine experience came again – but in this time I was sure that it comes with my physical end. I had some thoughts like ‘people in this cases tend to see their lives roll over before their eyes like a superfast videoclip? – and next thought was my mother’ and the next one was like ‘WTF?’- and then the wave came – it was a timeless experience – and when it was over I opened my eyes and I was squating front of a really unfriendly rock from my forehead about 5 centimeters.
Then I moved!
I moved like it does not matter what is going on but in this moment I move myself – in that first movement I bruised my hip hard but I continued to go out no matter what – and I managed to avoid the next wave.

Then something happened. Something definitely happened within myself because I was standing there – at paradise beach with a remarkable new scar on my body proving that I am still here.

Ok I did some vlogs about it after writing this…


One thought on “1 Stop personality – Stop surviving mode and Start Living

  1. Hi Tala!

    Cool read, interesting personality as 'the fighter' or maybe defying the strength of nature, challenging it with your life.

    cool you're writing !

    hasta luego!

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