Fascinating to see how this all works

I mean – if I do not express myself naturally as the moment: I am compounding and then I control myself to being directed by energy. Deliberatedly.
I have to be able to direct myself – about upcoming ‘impulses’.
I mean – for instance I walk in the forest and something pops up – ‘I want to write this thing down’ – but I can’t! – Because I am in the forest! Then I suppress it or what?
I mean it is common sense that why am I so stupid that in the forest I am willing to write? Did I go into the forest for the need to write down?
I can say – yes – this can be like ‘being impulsed’ to write – and then later on remember to what I wanted to write…
But in fact – that is not the same.

The point that I am not able to direct myself – ok, I will be directed by the environment – I won’t write because I cant – so I won’t write. So – I am accepting myself as being directed.
I am accepting that I can not direct myself to shut the fuck up inside of me with those impulses that I should write…
For instance I have the impulse to paint – since months…
I was like
-the thought came – and went instantly – apparently from nowhere to nowhere.
-then I said to someone that maybe I will paint
-and yesterday I found myself to go to store and rebuy colors and now everything for paint is here.

Will I paint?
I could say – I don’t know but then can be trappy – everything I’ve managed in order to paint and then I do not paint?
or another point

am I directing myself to paint or am I being directed to paint?

The main focus was as I wrote in an email to guys that I want to explore how I would paint H.P. Lovecraft horrornovels dimensions with the technics of what I used previously for impressionism landscapes. Am I able to make these things being expressed by directing myself and be one and equal with the color and the brush and the paper?
In fact almost always I painted only when I smoked. I did not smoke since 2 years – and when I was wondered about why I do not paint – the point was that – I do not smoke.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to connect smoking ganja or hash with painting.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define painting without being smoked is boring.
I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as unable to being in a state when I can paint in a focus without smoking and then limiting myself to the ganja or hash.
I forgive myself that I lied to myself with the divertion of smoking and painting instead of realizing that I had doubt within myself and I used smoke to suppress and separate this self-dishonesty within myself to control my existence instead of taking self responsibility and realize the core-dishonesty within and as myself and applying self honesty and exploring practical solution to physically change.


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