Mails with a orto doxy

I wrote to him about he blamed desteni about some scriptures and I wrote to this video about the bible is a lie and come on be self-honest…and he wrote this privately:

The Commmunists want you to believe the Bible is a lie. But history proves to the contrary. Look at all the fulfilled prophecies. The Bible and Christianity has produced countless thousands of saints. It can’t possibly be a lie. You don’t have enough information my friend.

So I wrote one letter to him what I share here.


Haven’t you seen the Matrix movies?

“Morpheus, the prophecy was a lie. Just an another part of the control.”

An when the war rages in the world around you — you can only use these scriptures to wipe your freaky ass when the god(as the order of money) will cleanse that land where you “live” –
and until that showing to yourself that you are powerless, beLIEver who can’t take responsibility at all and still hoping and waiting to an other saint who will bless and save from the hunger and poverty and poison and bombs?

What about those 35 000 odd children who are dying each day just because of the god of man is good – I mean COMMON SENSE – spiritual,godritual, all are the same :
doing small unsignifcant grey steps every day in the shadow of an illusoric fairytale what obviously wrote by those who wanted the sheeps to comply in order to remain in power.

Have you seen the ZEITGEIST? Or George Carlin?
This word communists wont enough to hide behind of belief-systems…
Muslim hindu buddhu CRYstian are exactly the same just the picture different – the same mind consciousness system is operating by program just using different pictures…

What means to be human I mean even the animals are more aware than those who are waiting for a saiver…
Ah and why don’t you become a “saint” then simply smoothly and then be THE savior?
Because if you would dare to attemt – you woluld realise the stupidity and the unrealistic way of your behavior and faith…

and it is not about information, I did my own research some years ago, I read all what is related to past to realize – all are lies – always the winners of wars wrote the scriptures, come on…it is just about power…and information or knowledge is totally useless, as books wont save you when it is time to ACT – to EXPRESS, to LIVE, to CHANGE…information, knowledge just an excuse to not be free, only to do what is told to do as right to escape from the fear from being wrong…look all as one, not only particles

BE SELF-honest – trust yourself first – not in another’s words
BE SELF-responsible – take your own shit to deal with
BE SELF-forgiveness – to forgive YOU what you accept and allow to BE AWARE to CHANGE

BE GOD for your sake and for all’s sake as one as equal…
But in fact by your definitions you just separate yourself from the idea of god – so please examine yourself first – who you really are – at this moment – as that moment – in all moments – because inevitably the fact that you are actually HERE – and this is not only the physical location, I mean the real meaning who you really are: look at the words : I AM HERE.
I am what is here – I am all what is here. I am all – I am here.
This is common sense – so you are everything already – just need to unify, realize, let go of self-doubt, self-pity, self-hatred by memory – the past determined you to be who you are at this moment – so please open up your past and be self-honest, self-intimidated to re-experience those moments when you decided you to be who you are HERE – when you defined yourself as rely go ous? and why ? What were the starting point? I mean of course of fear and self-doubt, but you have to be very specific to pinpoint – and then you can realise you wanted to escape from yourself and projected this shit out of you – and it created a polarity – so you started to trust in something to rely on – bigger what can say to you what to do – and of course the @god@ story is good bullshit story because it is obviously can not be proven – I know this way as I did the same with buddha – I really understand this way of ‘living’ yes, I was full of shit but in fact

it is unacceptable – not anymore – we have to stand up as all as self as equal – not only for myself, for family, for friends, for little community, but for all of life – and this is what we are going and that’s why we do not take bullshit and this is why so funny when religious people write to desteni about blablablablabla – not realizing that they are actually showing up their own accepted and allowed nature – how much resistance you have how much you have to go further to be self-honest to give up this one point of separation what separates you from you as all life?

I mean please –

start dig your past beacuse this is what made to you who you are – and there is no any excuse to play stupid – because if you do so : you are just stupid.

And one more about demons – you are actually a mind demon, no more – as if you stuck in a single point of thought – such as religion or exorcism or stg like this – you are possessed with this and obsessed and as you always were definition system – can’t stop define yourself as others and then you define yourself as this ‘religious outstander’ and then you are a demon – because demon is not a red bloody monster – a demon who is lost within it’s illusionaric reality.

The god what is here as physically – governments, taxes, money, war, rape, murder – those are the main points of the actual god of man. This is what has to fall – and will fall oh yes, just look at the current stage of the systems – if you start research – it is common sense as it is already falling – and no god, no savior, no saint will come to save us all – because it is inevitable, because it is what we as all humanity already created.


tala as life as desteni as all as equal


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