Here is the power. All people are searching for power and not realising the fact that the only power what exists is the “HERE”. Being here. Simply by who we are: we are here. Simply. I am here. And we did not wanted to be here. We did not wanted to be here with/within ourselves. So we accepted and allowed this desire to not wanting to be here infinitely as ourselves ALWAYS HERE. But it is impossible. We are here. As self. As life.
Strange… We come one. We are one. We are one here. Who we are? We are here. What we have became: it is here as ourselves. No separation. All separation is illusion by the mind of manifested dishonesty as illusion: “I am not here”. But in fact yes.
When I was in countryside with my ex, and with the baby, we came back from the forest/river, on the street a little boy came along with bicicle and he looked funny and just came front of me and stopped. And after he did it again..and after some moments we went into a shop and I heard this song was in radio: We come ONE. This means much within me as we come one as here. As life.

And after buying some stuffs, we came out, and the boy came straight to me with his bicicle and with a calendary book and he opened on a specific page and showed to me a picture: a tank from army. And I was like: we come one. One. One. Only one. And before this, especially when I was on somekind of psychedelics, I definied theese kind of moments as: grotesque, bizarre, strange. But not anymore. No need to define what was that. That was simply: everything is here.

So this power means reality. Power determines reality. But power is just also separation. Belief. As some believe that does not have power – comparing to others. By separation of something – knowledge or anything. And this power is here. This power we are but we decided to not face.

I watched some videos about youtube channel of Nemesis as “djhives”, especially this: Silent weapons. All of the six parts are important. Also related to Noein about the orouboros. Interesting. As there are not so much ‘law’ in this reality but those are valid for everything – especially oneness and equality – and even this is the only one what is the ‘ultimate’ as no need more by common sense. We are always one and equal with everything as ourselves. So djhives shares some technique how about the elite built up the society to control the masses. And interesting to see how he hates the ‘sheeples’, how he separate himself from the masses, and how he builds up this hate for the greedy and ignorant people – and very cool to embrace him as me as I have the nature of this but in truth that is my nature what I do not like so that’s why I judged peole before. And something is yet not totally clear but getting more simple, more straight: when people are stating out bullshit, about who and what I am in and as the moment, as I do not ‘feel’ that I need to correct people, but in fact many times with my presence I accept and allow this by not speaking up because of….
And this is also can be not me as simply fear about what would happen when I open my mouth.
Because now it is clear that: if I open my mouth, I can not predict what will I say, and there is only 1 way to embrace it to trust in me unconditionally as the starting point of oneness and equality as all life as me as one as equal here and being self-honesty and self-forgiveness.
No other chance to be moment as the moment is to embrace self as unpredictable, totally moment, and always be very specific. And that’s why if I am me as myself, if I am one and equal with the situation what I am in/on and like that I am the expression of me specificly, here, now, and no more separation. And by this I am the directive principle. I am the pure expression of life what influences.

Now I am becoming responsibility – response–ability. I was fearful of taking responsibility. Because I was fearful of facing myself on theese transcendence points of influencing the world.
But now I understand I see and I start to direct my life. That I am responsible. And it is very sad yes very very from a strange perspective: sad but as I write it down: I see – it is not sad. The sadness is just that part of me what does not want to face with myself as the world as one and equal and now is inevitable. The inevitability is sad until is not done, until it is not understood, experienced, embraced. Simply like with the fear: I am not fear. I am not sadness. That’s why I can forgive myself and actually I DO forgive myself that have I allowed and accepted myself to define self-facing is sad.
And as I write it down, I am this. And all is self. What if the subject of the sadness is not self ? But if it is not my-self, then why I should be sad? That would mean that I regret something to loose what is not me. Actually that is just self-deception. Why should I deceive myself, when I am always me, when I am always here – no matter what W-here. So why should I wait, why should I hide?


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