End of psyche delic

The end of psychedelic era is here:

As the end of consciousness is here – also the end of drugs is here.
The mind as the ultimate drug has been manifested within ourselves..
The acid seemed to be a key to find self, but in fact: no.
In fact the acid helps to the mind consciousness system to see itself as system.
To see itself as the self as who I am, but absolutely not.
The mind sees itself within the mind-mirror with acid-placement.
The systems had been hacked to see themselves.
The consciousness controls everything: forms everything to itself. Makes the
ones believe: they are consciousness. And by this: yes. Until a layer what
the mind covers it seems to be ok. But there is not enough self-honesty if
you still do not understand oneness and equality. Until you still not LIVE.
The rumour is: to experiment with LSD to see itself as life.
The experiment to see systems as life. But this system just the cage.
Theese systems are the manifestation of our misunderstanding from ourselves.
To be able to seen: I am this infinitely this system what now seems to be fall apart.

So Albert Hoffman died, so now he understand life as oneness and equality.
But it is unnecessary to walk around 102 years as lost within the mind.
And people should ask: Tala what’s wrong, if you didnt take those acids, you
wouldnt be here. Yes but I did the same with alcohol: I consumed much, I learnt
much, but after a point it became very big divertion from self, about who I am
really. See: Alcohol, drugs are mindfuck. Mind is fucking in and as the mind.
And I am aware, what I am speaking about, the first time in this existence.
That We have been fucked. Totally.
And please dont’s say Hoffman understood life, he was an old man who said all the
time the same: eat acid, and love. So then: the end of love is here – as – what people
define as love – it has to be stopped. Because what we built up as this definition
as ‘love’ is killing us. Everyone is wize, everyone is blessed, and everyone knows.
But everyone are accepting and allowing this murder, rape, child molestation.
Each child YOU ARE. Doesnt matter which one, doesnt matter what happens with them:
you are. You are this murder, rape, starvation. Because you accept and allow.
This is not allowed anymore. No. Unacceptable.
And I made the statement, no matter what, I stand up as oneness as equality as life.
I do not accept anything less than who I really am.
And I am not this mind consciousness system, so I just stop.
I forgive myself that I accepted and allowed this. Breath. Moment. That is me as self.

And dont judge me, instead of realize: you are judging yourself.
Thank you very much.

The design of ACID

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Higher Consciousness and The Soul
Love and Light


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