Psychedelic drugs – deep mindfuck

I share this video, I had similar experiences with high dose LSD, Mushroom, Salvia, DMT and with combinations, some years ago — the absolute mindfuck what I obsessed for years to desperatedly seeking after the ultimate truth…

I share this, to be able to understand the nature of theese kind of people, who abused self-honesty by this and to be able to assist, how they are extensively fucked themselves trough identifiing themselves and the truth with and as consciousness systems. Understand when they hear about “stop and giving up everything”, they fearing loosing also theese kind of experiences…what makes them believe to be “rare & special”…but now as White Light has been removed, all changed…so it is now a challenge of self-honesty…

Also you can see the symbols, and the geometrical formations, what are simply just enslavement by diverting attention of consciousness systems separatedly from self… what was possible to program and precisely set by mathematical equations every beings, one by one as rules to keep them in cage based on their measured energetic fear & dishonesty what are also merely words and soundharmonic expressions.

Interesting, because if I look into me, I also wanted to be onness, and the White Light was it…was one enslavement and control system. And to become that: I’ve given up everything, even myself, extensively..But when after a time I couldnt ‘connect’, as occasionally did(and now seeing that now I simply replaced with sex this charge out mind balance, as tonight I masturbated realized–OR it was always the substitution of sex;)
– as last summer after my 28th birthday, when I found Jack’s videos on HOMK, was not hard to realize the truth, but was not easy to accept the inevitability: no more hideout is possible, there is nothing what could cover my self-dishonesty anymore… so the time has come to stop this madness…
And interesting to see the another enslavement here — the end… the end of this, I could see the end of consciousness, and that is also misinterpreted by many beings, what is not other than the self-honesty, the moment of self-realization, what is always here, because if it wouldnt be here, then never could be realized in and as one moment. Oneness and equality…And the self-dishonesty as fear drives the being to operate the mind consciousness system, to believing that by hiding in and as this mind-construck can be ‘reach the point of freedom’, can be arrive to the point of ‘realization’ — not considering the fact that is self, as the self-dishonesty what diverts attention to not realize oneness and equality here as moment, but the mind consciousness system is simply the manifestation of self-dishonesty, simply the cause and the effect of it. That’s why it is necessary to just STOP once and for all….

And I also realized that is not a choice to give up me, that was never a chance to loose me as I am me without condition, so that is what never can be question…

But as in this movieclip, you can see how the people of kind of me is dependant on what experiences in and as the system, not even only the phisical eyes stuff, but ANY kind of perceptions of consciousness…

But common sense: the same enslavement: just different laws, different pictures, but still fear-based laws ruled, and as I am now human, all those sipped LIFE from my human phisical body to feed off consciousness systems…

And that is also the nature of the enslavement…like there are 100 sheeps…
And you have 5 dogs to keep them in control, and possible 3 dogs are ruling 98 sheeps,[for example biting some sheeps until blood and let them crying for a day], but the 2 last ones need bit speciel attention, like personal dogs…and those sheeps also necessary – to give apparently bigger freedom to them – to form them to be the ‘special sheeps’ – who can act amongs the other sheeps about “I am free, I have more knowledge, more ability, what you have not, so listen to me”, so everyone is fucked up…and layer upon layers was like this (and still but falling apart) to form so big hierarchy what one being in one lifespan guaranteely couldnt overexperience alone, of if some did, immediate interveine occured by dimensional beings to (p)reprogram their mind consciousness system.

Sacred psychedelic mind-fucked people alwayz come with love – and this clip’s end also describes it’s nature how it just works that also: fearbased perception warp to be able to not to face with truth.
Also the system-leaders operate like that a bit..they have the knowledge what gives them right to do what they ment to do as preprogrammed system.

And in general theese psychedelic people do collect all shit light knowledge information systems in this world just to be able to react by that to others who never wanted to seek out that kind of weird stuff,but questioning this whole stuff… like for example when Buddha system described the complicated heaven systems, or “12stepped chainflow of the dependant origin etc” — they cannot apply common sense as simplicity here – because they still believe that what got before, but the point is: now just cannot experience, even when they were to able to do it for moments, minutes or even hours — no more. And now just without anything, just doesnt come.
And what comes, that is just the reflection, the accepted and allowed systems in and as their mind consciousness systems.
And in intensified moments they cannot apply common sense as too much definitions determine their action-reaction system[to be able to play this game as system]
So as I put theese kind of people into me as me as one as equal – I realize that the HERE NOW-ness is what they cannot apply, as never wanted to stabilize, even never could how to be…
Just using definitions as trust but not in and as self…so separation…
For example when I say I breath here, and that’s all -when the mind move, I am not here, and that is self-dishonesty, they say that is a slow way to realize truth, but “I am on an aircraft, I am moving faster” – but that is just simply a rush, an intensified escaping madness, trough speeding up the mind consciousness system information transferance until the person even can not be able to see what is going on – simply too much information and literally loosing in and as that to cover self extensively…what s again just a not taking responsibility what is going on and what will happen that is occurs by self-acceptance and self-allowance…

Also important point to understand, when the psychedelic drug was on ‘peak’, the being experiences ‘freedom’, for a moment, but absolutely hopelessly dependent on the drug, and in the next moment the whole mind consciousness system automaticly comphounding, to equate this event as the thoughts are forming more stable, more separated systems…
And after a while, the being will be dependent to the moment for experiencing ‘self’, and then the mind consciousness system comphounds, and the being will be more hopeless, and the only chance to experience one more moment of ‘some kind of self’ without absolute self-honesty is only to take more shit, to going deeper and deeper and deeper…

Interesting to realize that the self-realization is really a simple choice, that am I this system, as am I want to continue as this self-dishonest way[what is anyway not really possible, but from the perspective the being’s mind consciousness system can be apparently a perceived idea, as the self-dishonesty manifesting even the unreachability to see the consequences to be able to maintain itself as system…]
to be able to find out the personal truth, to wanting to dissolve all theese systems by realizing the real nature of the inner core of the being is not this and no matter the cost, giving up every condition, definition until it is done.

And many of theese kind of psychedelic/spiritual people has many knowledge, what never applied really, and if they hear for example breathing here as moment, they simply agree, BUT always have excuses, as ‘theese rules are not for me, because of…..’ –
-“I am speeding up my waking up by stuff”
-“I will do it, but now I am occupied with another mindfuck f.e drinking beer and playing computergames or watching tvseries[what also procrastinating based on fear]
-or simply just saying “I am of consciousness, you are mad”, “mind cannot be stopped”

But theese are specificly showing up their accepted and allowed nature of self-dishonesty to not being able to face the consequences, to realize the responsibility, to realize the hell-program nature of this world.

(to be continued…)

lol i just wanted to link the vid and now see came out some words;))


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