On thoughts

also me is seeing those like that…

thoughts are hiding behind the screen..unseen programs, unseen systems, unseen hideouts, unseen fears, no more that simply fear – fear from myself
separatedly, looped in and “waiting for ” me to once realize them as me and unify as me as here as breath as all as one as equal to dissolve those system containers of information, and information movements…because that’s not life…

now I still writing out my past experiences and amazing…still there are areas where:

-i see that I have to forgive on those specific points more extensively, what I see, but still comes back
-i see some areaas what I still do not still see trough, but my favourite part of me is the question of “WHY”…and many people around me are stuck in that…they say, neverending, spiral and etc, give up the WHY-s, that rejuvenates the mind, but until a point that I am stable as breath, no…
—-i am lucky, because I have memories about being breath
—-i am unlucky because I have to forgive also those mind-based pre-conceptions about “experiencing me” about how to breath and be me

instead of just breathing as life and being stable as me as me as life moment after moment

also very useful to move self, I even do not “know” what is that, but while that and after I am silence..and if not, but more systems I have, very useful to stop, like STOP, flagging again the starting point of me here and start over all process..
that what dimensions cannot afford without body
for me is not easy be sure in me but now as I return to me as breath, it just comes …

maybe this also means something, dunno, for me was cool to write down, also to see 4 you to see where are the bottleneck “points”

now I started to focus also on yawning, that is also what I am curious…
many times it comes after thought, so will see;)



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