The real truth about you, who still stuck in mind

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Every single one of your thought, feeling, emotion does not means anything else that you are supporting this world, so in my eyes – you are just system robot. Yes. As you react you can see…
Like the agent in matrix for serving one rule: enslavement.
I was stuck on believing in light, look at my example, I was entrapped by conscious system and what it was for? For causing more separation, more shit. You do not need to believe, just wake up. There are beings who support you, just move your ass, please.
I say it in the name of the children, the forests, the ocean, the nature, the planets, the animals, in all. Inside you there is a being who is totally lost and trapped, this is used for energysource for that system what you believe who you are actually, but not! You are identified yourself with this picture program which is in a bigger picture program. And you say this is absurd, this is stupid, but I say You are one and equal with me and I see the mind is the worst terrible trap EVER in the whole universe, and you are just not want to listen? I, as you say: forget all about what you believed before, because this is really really just not true, we are not this. We are who are entrapped and lost inside this body by the mind what overgrowned on you, thank you.
Look: all masters, enlightened ones, gods, angels just served one: deception. You are deception.
I am also in the mind, but now as I say my truth: i give away everything in my life, all that I wanted, ALL that I believed, All I hoped, because was not true.
I can see trough you, you are preprogrammed robots, trapped, lost, totally hopelessly dependant in your system as what you always ment to be, always had been designed, what you have became: a slave. A lifeless slave what is just a part of an equated polarity manifestation of this zoo. This reality, this planet. I fed off from you, from your lieness, from your kind, smiling peacefulness. Fuck peace. Fuck war. Fuck everything. This world is going to end. And I am not shy, I am not scared, I am not your slave. I am me Talamon without fear from the system, from the government, from the police, from family, from friends, from money from illnesses from dying.
I wont let me dying because I came for unify men as me as one.
And do not tell me, I have problem, I should fuck because until now I fucked.
Ok I am absolute honest totally: I fuck with you as me as I fucked me before, now I fuck with you.
I am not satisfied and I am seriously not in polarity, not in agression but me as me.

I fuck god I fuck religion I fuck spiritualism I fuck the fuck itself.
You like it?
Only way to stop is the stop all. STOP EVERYTHING. Yes, Stop you.
You are the mind, you are not life, and I can see trough. I can not feel compassion with systems. And you are system. Look what you have became, look what we are. I darely speak to you:
Realise that everything what you now call “you” is just preprogrammed system.
Yes. Music, art, peace, war, money, smile, happiness?
What you keeping on?
My suggestion: take a piece paper and write down what do you call YOU.
Definie you extensively, shortly, on long way, write it down and realise: this is the mind and do self-forgiveness to release that shit because it is not you. Some has to die to realise that, some not.
Which one you are? You believe? You hope? In what? God? Light? Cant you see trough your nose? Profecies? 2012? It was a lie, preprogrammed shit to allow you to procrastinate: to sit, to wait, to wait for the fried dove into your hands. There is no god, there is no anything else only nature, animal kingdom, the planets, stars and you know what: they are standing as one as equal and looking straight onto human beings and assisting them to wake up. Yes. There are who realised oh fuck, no more heaven, no more separation, no more saying “I am god, I wait, I have done, I am enlightened, I am me in bubble”. This is still consciousness, illusion.
And you think by light, mantras, tantras, hope, prayer will be saved?
The prayer posture means: I hold my hands front of me to hold my system, protect my belief system, to respect “enlightened one” systems..pray and knee, prostrate, and be servant, as you were always, or choose to throw away everything and release yourself who really you are as the breath as life as one as equal with you, with everything.
Everything is aware, the phone, the condom, the money, the animals, the trees, the weapons. And everything now is waking up. Do you? What are you?
Sex system demon? Meditation system demon? Fear of loss system demon? As you can see, theese demons also fed up with this, and stopping. Do you?
If hitler (Desteni: Hitler inteviews, Hitler’s articles, Bernard: About Hitler)could return to his innocence trough self-forgiveness, could you? I write this as you as me as one as equal.
You still think you are helping in this by serving masters, blind ones who are the servants of systems?



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