Day 393 – Disruption of consistency and breathing back to reality

DSC_0245Let’s see a point of disruption within consistency

I notice a self-dishonesty ‘going down‘ – which means I am doing something which of am realizing that it’s not supporting, based on self-interest or delusion, yet I am not stopping, forgiving, re-aligning and changing that.

That disrupts the built up consistency and self-trust. In a way it even contains shame and regret. But it’s all self-manipulation, because I see the choices, I make one based on understanding the consequence, which I will judge myself about.

Within that experience, a resistance to movement will manifest. A sort of doubt, a petrification.
In a way it is a bubble of excuse to keep walking and moving and I know it will dissipate, but in a way I count on it and while this bad phases out, I do not move, push, expand and stand up but to distract, entertain and suppress myself.

This is a tough point, because relates to several self-dishonesty points I return to participate within from time to time and I do not really like that.

Various strategies I can apply towards this, the most recent is to not look back, don’t try to analize, deduct or decompose, just keep looking forward, not judge myself, but keep moving, trusting myself that eventually I will get through and over this.
In a way it’s alright, but at the same time it’s kind of a bullshit, because here is no balance of looking at the facts without judging and getting reactive to understand versus keep moving forward within self-trust.

So it is an unworded doubt I see. I do not word it, because then I would be ‘judging’ but it’s infiltrating me.

This relates to why I did not write yesterday. Let’s not misunderstand, it’s quite alright if I do not write for one day, when it’s a decision, clarity within self-honesty and acting that – but when it’s not decided, it’s like I am being triggered to do or not do something, that is a problem.

Not because I am a control-freak mind-power-junkie, but because I am aware of that there is doubt and behind it there was a choice wherein I deliberately chosen self-dishonesty to apply, even when I knew that I would regret it, because I do not really want that to do, but in the moment and of reactions, I fell into this energetic state.

Sigh. Let’s list up the points to see what would be practical approach

to list up these situations and draw the trigger point – automatic reaction – predictable action triangle to these points, so I can predict consequence within awareness without using the mind, thinking and thus automatically reacting. It’s like learning who I am today objectively. Almost like clinical observation – cause and effect. It’s quite a challenge, but that’s where Desteni I Process course, support and community helps immensely. The tools and lessons, principles and techniques really help me to slow down, ground myself and re-align.

Recently I started to apply breathing a bit more actively than before – it’s still not a natural skill, sometimes doing, sometimes forgetting – but getting to the ability to push myself into breathing and presence – out from the mind. Even if it means as a bit more heavier, intense breathing. Not quite, but at the moment explaining with – clearing my head with pushing in oxygen. Of course, not to hyper-ventillate(breath very intensely and quickly for a while), because that would probably get me psychedelic experiences, but to simply bring myself back here.
It’s something to experiment with.
I used to believe and define that I am more aware if I always breath more slowly, but the thing is – it’s really contextual.

It’s not about how I breathe, but who I am within that and am I present or lost in the mind thought-emotion-reaction maze for seconds, minutes…

Presence and self-trust, self-honesty and consistency is really something what can be broken and diminished with losing presence by falling into the mind-maze, even for a second. Accumulation of that substantiation should not be underestimated, just as the lack of it too.

Back to the first topic – it’s almost like manipulating myself to justify stop moving and trying to ‘create time’ for the positive experience I create by defining moving and expanding as difficult, thus somewhat negative.
in fact, when walking through the bullshit of my self-creation, it might seem as negative, but it’s just what is here and how I defined it, and it might as well be that it’s indeed that crap, who I accepted myself to exist as, and now just starting to face and it’s tough. That’s why I avoided to face and transcend myself in the first place.

So that’s a relevant point in process to prepare – my own bullshit will be stinky and should never be any excuse not to keep walking through it.

Many people stop walking their process of self-realization by defining it to be too hard, intense, difficult or even impossible, start justifying by injecting blame, projection or any other mind-component, and it’s obviously self-dishonest.

So walking self-forgiveness on these two relevant points now.

  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to stop moving, expanding, applying self-forgiveness, self-correction, self-commitment when I fall into a self-dishonest action by doubting myself, judging myself and feeling ashamed and projecting this self-judgement to my own process as being not good enough and not realizing that this very judgement is also self-dishonest and the practical common sense is to look at the point I fell with from presence and to apply self-forgiveness, understanding and to see how to support myself the BEST WAY POSSIBLE to prevent myself to do it again.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized that if I do something what I see as self-dishonest, not stopping it and not standing up immediately to do all I can to prevent myself falling into justifying to chose to do it again, then I am setting myself up 100% to do it again, thus re-creating the point, the self-dishonesty and the reaction of stopping to move myself.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized the practicality to push myself, move myself, direct myself to write down exactly the point I am facing and already knowing that I have tendency to fall into the temptation of doing it even when it’s obviously not supportive, and within that to acknowledge, there is a part of me what does not want to let this point go, does not want to change, and let go, because defining it as valuable, as myself, as feeling good and within that not realizing that it’s a mesmerizing short-term experience I try to bubble myself into, refugee myself away from the facts, reality and the responsibility waiting for me in each moments here equally.
  • I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to realize that what I am holding onto within fear of loss is something literally holding me back instead of growing, expanding and birthing myself, thus it’s the best to word these fear of loss points and to see if it’s actually realistic fear or not.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear to lose something because believing that if I would have to ‘be self-honest’ I could not enjoy myself, or I would have to refrain myself to enjoy something completely and within that not realizing that it’s not about what I do and how, but who I am within it and if something is absolutely abusive or harmful to do, then I am definitely in need to let that go and explore alternatives to express enjoyment.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized that the ‘guilty pleasure’ for instance falling into self-stimulation and entertainment, consuming high-sugar contained food is for a positive experience in the mind to balance out the already self-accepted negative experiences, and the practical common sense is to face and deal with those in the first place and to see if there is substance within judging myself or my reality as bad, negative and why is that and what would be the solution for that within common sense.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear of change in relation to enjoyment as it would be a transition phase from mind-stimulation to actual physical movement and expression and during that transition phase it’s not cool as walking through the consequences of self-abuse, but it is crucial to realize that this is the only way, through HERE.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to disrupt my consistency of walking process when realizing that I am deliberately chosing a self-dishonest action due to the desire for indulgence to feel positive no matter what and within that not realizing that the positive experience is merely temporally and I will feel at least the same amount for negative once the stimulation stops, ending up feeling just as negative, thus longing for the next ‘positive experience fix’ within this time-loop until I really commit to stand up and change.

In regarding to this, the second point about breathing is to create and live in order to support slowing down within when the positive-negative mind-polarities would overwhelm with energetic experiences to the point of automatic actions.

  • I forgive myself that I have not realized the greatest gift existing in this world to me, which is the ability to become aware and keep being aware of my breath here, thus giving up all the thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions in the mind and stick to be constantly and consistently here, justified by the self-delusion that these things are to help and boost me, but in fact only sabotaging to walk through the shadow of me, the mirror of my beingness, the manifested consequences of my actions, the mind system, ruling me, owning and controlling me until I do not realize each and every bit of it’s details, causes and effects to be able to take responsibility to stick to true self-trust within each breath constantly.
  • When and as I am about to lose my presence, clarity and commitment to consistent action of self-honesty, I apply breathing, no matter what speed or intensity I decide, I trust myself, and I breathe, in and out, until my head is clear and empty and I can continue with expanding with self-trust.
  • When and as things seem to get complicated and I am being overwhelmed and tempted to start thinking, judging, comparing and self-defining, I breathe, in and out, here, feeling the body, presence, the physical, gravity and air and I consider what support and tool would be the best practical to apply, such as writing, communicating, planning or to do what action directly here.

Day 392 – Learning without frustration

DSC_0021I am learning to play piano with private teacher since a while. It is going – I don’t really know how. Sometimes seems like I have elephant hands, other days I am surprised how awesome I do by considering that I just started. It’s really difficult to tell how I progress. There is some, that’s certain.

Here is this temptation sometimes to compare myself to others, in particular kids, as the school I go to, where are multiple rooms with pianos, in the hallway, there are these huge couches and sometimes I wait there for the previous pupil to finish with my teacher. So I am sitting with kids. Kind of cute scenery, I guess.

So sometimes I wonder if am I slower or faster learner, but then I realize, it does not really matter. I do not wish to be famous concert soloist soon, not that I do not want to be better and better, but primarily it’s not about how good I become. Mostly, because it’s relative.

I have a starting point, a commitment, a decision to do and with that it is quite simple to progress.

Wow, this point has opened up a loooooot of things to write about, so let’s prioritize and stick to the point.

Let’s put my life simply into three phases to make it more obvious.

  • I had my life before started to walk desteni process of self-honesty
  • I had my life during the understanding phase of how extraordinary desteni process is and figured out how to apply self-forgiveness in real change
  • and I have my life wherein I have the tools, the understanding and capability of assisting and supporting myself within the process of self-realization

The things, habits, abilities, skills, relationships I have formed in the first part of my life is still required to walk a re-alignment
during my second phase I was quite clinical so to speak to approach things, so it was sort of a self-introspective, from action point of view might seem as a passive phase, but it was self-movement already, just mostly through the mazes of my mind

The things and activities I have decided to do since finding myself more and more here, present and directive are much more carrying a signature of clarity and simplicity.

Driving a car is something I’ve learned four years ago and as it was extremely challenging in the beginning due to my fears and resistances but once walked through those, it’s something what granted me a lot of gifts and potentials to grow.

Learning music is also something what I’ve approached multiple times in my life but somehow always postponed, de-prioritized. Since moved to Ireland, this was a clear decision that it is something I am going to do and investing into it. Also doing it quite moderately, not falling into it, there are other decisions, commitments to apply before this in the priority list of self-agreement, but it’s something what’s doable in this phase of my life, so decided to do this investment.

Investment used to be such a distant and sort of scary word for me before – mostly because I never really had anything and did not consider what it can actually mean or birth.

It is still a tiny bit difficult to write it down – I am investing into learning music. Yet I am doing it in a consistent and measurable way since months.

It’s about self-reflection. And as this decision was born within the phase of my life when I am much more clear, calm, assertive and directive, yet having some patterns, memories linking back to my past – it’s quite supportive to be able to ground myself with this point; yet being able to walk the self-correction of my reluctancy to patterns from my past. Those patterns I already realized that do not support me thus requiring release and change.

I am learning the simplest songs in the world to play with piano. Two hands. Yet can be challenging.

I never admitted that I have this ‘love’ – addiction maybe – to experience frustration from time to time. Not directly to the frustration itself, but the limits I face and the opportunity to get through those, it’s something exciting.

Altough it can escalate to impatience and impracticality.
Sometimes happens that I can’t play something well, I just play it more and faster, not caring if I make mistakes, just keep doing, flowing, moving…

The teacher lady suggests me to really slow down and do it right from the start, with focus, discipline, precision. Makes totally sense.

I still feel that there is something in those free undisciplined fast practises I cannot yet word, but something is birthing from those specifically, so will do so.

Yet also taking the professional advice to slow down. In a way it’s great to take the advice and at the same time to allow myself to find within it in a balanced manner.

Not really liking frustration though. I used to become really frustrated when I could not do something. Made me kind of pissed off that I can’t do it and that gave me the strength to headbang myself to it again and again until I can do it.

In my past with the music, with all the theory missing, the basic structure and ability to read and play scores made me hitting a wall. I just could not pass through this. I am capable of composing complex audio sequences as did several ‘tracks’ before, yet not being able to ‘speak’ the language of music – my creations were always limited and I knew it. So that’s why it’s encouraging to ‘go back’ and learn it and thus correct my approach to accumulate practical knowledge be able to read and write music and handle frustration much easily.

Now it’s simple – I stop, calm down, breathe and break it apart. Step by step, even if it’s one single note or two. Everyone should know this approach, one would think.
Everyone should be able to learn everything, one also might think. Yet most of the people can’t learn stuff, only what they have been preprogrammed to so to speak.

Music is just an example of many dimensions I started to be able to move. Before that although I had my cool moments, often felt like a trapped animal inside. And many did not know, notice or feel, but I did. And there were always someone else who also did and in those moments I felt more that I am not doing really great. This accumulated and eventually drove me to keep finding new things to stumble into the Desteni message and tools and community.

I am not going to say that Desteni process saved my life, it’s not a frakking jesus story – although I have gotten, and still receiving enormous level and quantity of support from desteni – but it’s all on me. All I learn and get, stop and change, birth and create – I am doing this.

In this sense, I am greateful to myself as desteni process and to imagine my life without it would sound like trying to continue living without breathing.

Everything new I start is so much simpler and clear now – and if is not, that is mostly because being related to something crap I carry from my past I have not opened, understood, forgiven and stopped yet, so it’s time.

Even the most difficult point in my life – partnership – the last one was much more simple, direct and stable than any of the previous ones. It has ended, yes, but learned something from it and opened up new things which I will be able to approach with curiosity and passion, clarity and openness.

This writing has opened up some points, so wrapping it up with some self-forgiveness sentences to substantiate the understanding, so can focus to real time application of change already. Writing about points is really useful, but sometimes things just can come at me and opportunity opens in the moment to apply, especially if the mind-stubborn patterns have been ‘loosen up’ with self-forgiveness previously.

It’s like magic – really, this is what everyone always dreamed of, desired after, just it’s so direct and surprisingly simple that noone realizes it’s potential. My, your potential.

  • I forgive myself that I have not realized the simplicity within slowing down and trying to justify to intensify and wanting to move faster when it’s common sense that if I do not do something right with normal tempo, it will probably not be better if I try to do it fast as obviously I do some mistake and if I speed up, I do not have the ability to correct in real time, to prevent to go bad before happening, meanwhile if I slow down, I can really focus to the small details what constitute a movement, an action to study, understand, expand, grow and improve with – and once the foundation is clear, then to move faster.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to like frustration but not too much because it stimulates and generates energy what feels empowering but if it’s too much then I lose control and myself and can’t apply the common sense anymore and within that not realizing that I try to compensate with frustration what I lack from the beginning, which is decision, motivation, direction and commitment.
  • I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to live commitment in real time unconditionally and only wavering around with it when feeling low or needing energy instead of realizing the whole concept of energy is misleading and the proof that I lack real commitment, thus I should focus to that.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to lose myself within frustration and thus lose practical common sense instead of taking a deep breath, re-align with what’s reasonable and makes sense and to apply it without energy up and down, low or high.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the simplicity to be honest with myself and apply this honesty in each moment to let go and stop anything dishonest and not practical.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized the extent of my brainwashing of giving into frustration and excuses to not see directly whats the practical approach and to simply breathe, take it apart and accumulate practical progress.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that within frustration and the energy I feel with there is power and with that to try to boost my energy and will to keep doing something I am having difficulty with and within that not realizing that how I create the frustration experience in the first place.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized that frustration comes from judgement, judgement comes from comparison and to decompose it to the extent of being able to prevent it, I must word down and remember the points I compare, judge and react to and understand why I react with powerlessness and fear, and that is what I try to overcome with the frustration energy, yet not seeing the problem with it which is that if I am not frustrated, I do not move, if I am frustrated, I move with energy, which distracts and influences my ability to apply practical common sense and focus on consistency and stability.

Day 391 – Death as equalizer – or is it Life?

P1000400There is this saying that Death is the true equalizer of war, meaning no matter if you are poor or rich, dumb or smart, young or old – you can die in any given moment without any deus ex machina and that is especially true on the battlefield, where people’s profession, hobby and obsession is to kill each other.
It is true, regardless of wars actually – everyone will end up being in a grave(or being cremated), no matter what, so in a way – it does not really mean anything who we are, death will equalize all differences and inequalities.

What the real question here is why we even bother being obsessed to only focus on our inequalities to separate and abuse each other with, when at the end we all hit the dirt the same way anyway. Does not really make sense.
All the experiences of fancy shoes, nice cars, attractive bodies – they mean nothing on the longer term, in the bigger picture, so why everyone is in this mind-frenzy without questioning the meaning of the human condition?

What remains though is the physical consequences of our actions, that is also a true equalizer as well, let’s refer to it as equalizer of life, as it is what it is: everyone equal from the perspective of being here, more or less leaving a footprint to the future before turning into wormfood or grey ash.

I find this as the most important aspect of my life, as I often see it, the ‘human condition’ – as we are gifted with the ability to grasp cause and effect, action and consequence, yet no one really stops to the extent of becoming aware of what it truly means.

This is what I assist and support myself with when facing resistances, distractions, obsessions or even possessions in my own mind-realm, because although all my very personal experiences seem to be so overwhelming and convincing to present themselves as absolute revelation to follow as the law of my beingness in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions – they are irrelevant to the extent of what is real, priority and true value for all life on earth.

Why? Because It does not matter what I think, what really counts is what I do. And if I keep thinking that my choice is justified to keep entertaining and distracting myself away from all the wrongdoings happening by humanity in this world, I might feel pumped enough to believe that I literally have right to choose not to do anything about all the abuse and exploitation, extermination and enslavement happening every day in the name of free choice, liberty as self-interest.

How easy is to justify that an ordinary human’s life and their every day actions are insignificant and powerless in comparison to the big systems dominating the course and fate of humanity, such as money system, military industrial complex and brainwashing education and media conglomerate being run by sociopaths, automatized by family-providing army of such ordinary people scared of losing monthly salary every day justified by their so called love for their offspring, no matter the consequences.

Each sub-system of earth’s evil conglomerate’s has it’s own role to this and everyone is equally participating, thus being responsible.

Death is indeed an equalizer here, a liberator and revealer to what really matters here, which is the physical, no mind-games or experiences can transcend facts.

The only way to stand up to this consistently fate-sealing, all-annexing inevitable death is simply to realize the even more equalizer truth, the quality what we all bear, carry and represent already, always and unconditionally – that we are life, no matter what.

Death cannot exist without life – what we all need to do is to realize the actually relevant and real aspects of our – in a way, as our current form represents and manifests it: indeed truly miserable and irrelevant existence.

investigate, investigate, investigate

each of us has this mind what play god in our head while the true god is this physical existence, true ruler of life and death, so until we listen to and being mesmerized by our mind, we literally follow a false god, because it’s not real, not here and not even remains after death.

No matter what god anyone thinks of or prays to, all are a facade, a true consequence of our misplaced trust and belief to something completely delusional and selfish.

Let’s look at the sun. Yes, The Sun. It shines, shares, glows, no condition, without it – even if it would stop doing so just for a minute, probably all life here would disrupt and utterly die, no matter what. That can be as a reference for unconditional love, it does not care, radiates everyone.

Let me quote a rainbow hippie song here, just because it’s cute.

Deep inside my heart I’ve got this –
everlasting love
It’s shining –
like the sun
It radiates on everyone

And the more that I give
The more I’ve got to give
It’s the way that I live
It’s what I’m living for

So. I am deliberately wandering away from my usual points just to make the point that when we at desteni say equality – it does not mean we all have to be the same and everyone got equal opportunities, qualities, should get the same salary and stuff. No. What equality means is that everyone equally is an individual and unique expression of life, and although there are many things what we have been manifested as different, there are more major or let’s say true aspects of ourselves what makes us quite as equals. So instead of focusing to our differences, why not to focus to our similarities.

Because if we would do that, then we would all not just realize but truly feel that there are many who do not have a chance on earth to live a life what we would like for ourselves.
And deliberately most of us do not wish that worse life to others, we still are comfortable to accept them to exist in that way.
Poverty, famine, enslavement, abuse, war, rape and murder, extinction and annihilation is the name of humanity currently. Why? Just as with the positive thinking, – what many believe it’s some sort of magic, which is not, but merely a belief system – among all the positivism and super duper thoughts and feelings, emotions – there is enough only one negative to ruin all those positive experiences.

That’s why, it’s fabulous that we have art, beauty and glamour, love and creativity, science and all sorts of achievements, but what can ruin it all is how we treat our true nature, environment, each other and the future. Future as accumulating consequences by our actions every day, hour and minute.

This is what with I encourage myself to step out from entertainment for instance – that it’s just an experience and I start questioning why I would be so distracted or obsessed with feeling good all the time, it just might not to be the case that my original state is some sort of negative?

Anybody and everybody, who needs positive actually has negative already, otherwise would not bother.

So the self-realization means to investigate our condition in the mind consciousness, which is essentially a system, and to dare to reveal, discover the source and origin of these positive and negative judgments, experiences and preferences. Debunking them becomes easy, as a skill as one walks the process of self-forgiveness, to give for myself the chance to recognize what I might be doing by mistake, fear or misunderstanding.

Death is fine by me, but if there is opportunity, I chose to greet it with an impeccable respect to life, all life, because that is how I honor death, by honoring life, which means to not accept anything less than who I really am, my potentials are. And that means work, every day, to find my limits and expand them, because what I believe as a limit, by choice or by consequence, might be self-limitation, self-imagined, thus physically manifested. And that consequence created is being shared with all.

We might experience life through our own separate mind, but in fact on physical we all share the same, that is where we are literally one and equal, so to wander our awareness and discipline, focus and responsibility away from it seems merely ignorant, deluded and completely unfair to be honest.

That’s why I recommend to walk this process, start a blog, if you fear of being judged, start an anonymous one, who cares, just walk the damn process, otherwise you might end up being the same way limited as you were last year, ten years ago, and that’s quite a shame when we age and die without truly living.

I know, depression, burnout and hopelessness, giving up and feeling unfair seems pretty convincing, but until death, there is always way to find your own individual process and standing up. And for that to ask for assistance is encouraged. One humble and curious person will always get all the support of desteni community.

When I was kind of lost and desperate, confused between all the possibilities, convictions and conspiracies of what is really going on here, on earth, I got unconditional support from desteni and with that I am standing up to and as life, and everyone can walk this if they dare to be honest with themselves.

It’s scary because the consequences what have been already manifested are massive, yet what is to realize that life always finds a way, just look at simple seeds and plants – they can grow out from impossible conditions without a doubt.

And when we suggest things such as equal money, it’s not about giving free, supporting the lazy, the abusive or going insane – it’s about being able to give what we would like to receive. There are examples here and there for glimpses of what society could give us, free health care, housing, education and support as birth right. Anyone opposing these only mean that they already got more than most of the others yet they do not wish that for them as well. Sounds strange and the reason for that can be found in their mind, convictions, personality and thoughts, feelings and emotions. That’s why the investigation is suggested.

I can’t investigate your thoughts, my neighbor’s thoughts and realize what’s self-honest, it’s your, their responsibility.
And until you, they do not do that, I am here to share the consequence of such mind what would not give as would like to receive, and that is a problem.

Yet, I can’t really judge anyone else’s process, oh hell, I should not even judge my own process, because judgement means a view of separation, polarity of the mind, thus it’s not true, not real.

I should live and show, teach and support as an example of how to stand up to self-dishonesty and how to change and align with principles of life.

Usually it is not a great thing to walk into other’s life and tell them they are full of sh*t, probably it will end up not really listening to my words, but they will listen to their own reactions and without the ability to reflect and self-investigate, I am more causing problems and distractions than providing solutions.

Yet, I can and should speak up, share and reveal, expose and explain.

There is a lot to understand about life, and death is inevitable, literally we have limited amount of days left, hours, minutes and moments left, so the common sense, the PRACTICAL common sense is to focus to manifest consequences what will leave this place a bit more better than it was when I have arrived. At least that is my calling for now.

Understanding the code of our minds, words is key, and re-definition of them can literally change the world, our own, and everone’s equally.

Enjoy breath

Day 390 – Tiredness and world

DSC_0305Writing about tiredness a bit

I am getting to the point of feeling tired. It’s an interesting experience, because at this point it’s just an experience.
When I have this – oftentimes looking back at the day I have and to consider – how much I’ve done, things happened or just how much time passed since I woke up.

I know that I have quite amount of reserves, proven that many times. Even when ‘burning’ my reserves, there are reserves beyond that. The art is to balance effectiveness without falling into justifications with respecting my body with giving sufficient and enjoyable rest as well.
I particularly pronounce enjoyable rest as it is not something I’d ever considered: how much it feels great to have a good rest.
I can count with one hand how much this year I really-really appreciated a good rest.
When I was driving here to Ireland from Hungary and in the middle rented a room and took a shower, had a dinner and slipped into the bed. That was extraordinary.
The question is why needing to go to the extremes to appreciate the simplest, every day gifts. As they are – many do not have opportunity to have dinner, a freshly made clean and quiet bed. I have it every day.
This is something what everyone should be aware of that partly the global problem is that people do not appreciate the simple things they take granted, how natural it is for them – for us – for me – to feel the right to have proper rest with food in the belly.

When I am very busy, can happen that I forget to eat enough and most late times on the next day I feel weaker and tired, so I need to eat more.

It is something I’ve been considering to write about, sometimes I can have this agitation experience when I suddenly feel hungry and I can’t eat at the moment.
It’s almost like a childhood flashback, mixed up with a slight fear and desperation, anger and becoming jumpy.

What is to realize that we who every day have food and shelter, clear clothes – of what people who are being excluded from these basic things, what they are experiencing. It is excruciating and humiliating, torturing and quite frankly degrading experience.

The desperation and mindset of people who do not have food is something what should never be disregarded, because what I look at this point, honestly, I have a sense that I would do anything in my power to get food if I would be starving. Probably not taking human life, but stealing definitely.
Is this mean that I am a gullible and weak character? Or is it something what people who HAVE do not realize that it is that simple to equalize everyone.

Many would argue that it’s a process to get there in a society wherein everyone have opportunity to get a job if they are willing to work. There are so many factors, health, family, genes, luck, consequences of series of bad decisions, mistakes and misjudgments…

I certainly can’t afford to feed the world, however to deny food from another is something I wish I should never have to face again, but it is unlikely.

Tiredness and desperation is just an experience, yes – for instance as I move myself word by word typing here – I am not tired at all – if I stop and check – yes, I see it and also the next day’s schedule and I need to rest before that. Yet I still manage to finish this writing before that.

It is the sane, practical common sense decisionmaking what supports me the most, to stick to reality awareness, facts and the clarity that everything is fine. Sort of sustainable, for at least in the short and mid-term.

I’ve spent the last decade with starting to really focus on the details of self-introspection with practical common sense and even before that I was already on a journey to learn and expand about myself, life, thus in particular I am not one who would worry too much about life.

The factors resulted me to be able to do is mostly because of a financial security I was sort of entitled to due to my nationality, education and skills, which to many in this world have not access to at all or being denied from; by a consequence they born into.

Why is to take on the ‘sins of our fathers’ commonly accepted? Is it LIFE’s way to say, manifested consequences will always go full circle to be faced and dealt with until transcended in a way what is best for all participants? Looks like, yet the world is still cruel when children are born to these full-blown world-systems of human society, within many deluded with the ideas of freedom, love and compassion, wherein these are only glimpses of possibilities and only few can afford to cling on for a while before they – everyone – die. To continue rolling forward the accumulation of neglecting basic requirements for all equally.

Sigh. It is something what can be changed within an agreement by the majority of the world and monetary system participants quite easily actually, but all the minds are the guards of the current systems, those minds who are the HAVE-s while all the HAVE NOT-s are being considered as opposition and risk to those who have as everyone accept their position in the limited resource competition frenzy hypnosis.

Tiredness of the mind can be seem as real, but there are ways to walk through and live the self-liberation.
One has to walk their own process of self-realization and once starting to walk it – from a point one realizes – it’s not individual, everyone is actually walking everyone’s process in a way, yet responsibility must be owned by each participants to be able to change the course of the whole.
Until that – tiredness and degrading experiences, forward-rolling shitty manifesting consequences is what we accept and allow to become.

Enjoy breath and do every day something to expand, grow, learn, forgive, understand and change within self-honesty – and will accumulate, just as self-trust and integrity!

Day 389 – Writing daily is grounding

DSC_0099Today’s realizations

Enough writing about resistances to writing – it’s about walking through the thing step by step. So. Writing. Today. Again.

Sigh. Lot’s of impressions, let’s prioritize. Had some moments of financial confinements and almost feeling like wanting to do(spend) more that I can and had these impulsions to do buy something what is not practical common sense.
What I did was checking all possible angles and to see if there is another way to reduce the cost and still get what I prefer. There was not. So I did let it go.

Another point is to look at – had to re-assess an other financial point and really assisted me to resolve something I was struggling with in the last week.

The point I was facing relates to a ‘feeling’ – from the past wherein I was able to do something and in this situation does not make much sense, yet I wanted the feeling to be available.

  • I commit myself to let go feelings and re-assess everything I decide, experience or get attached to based on feelings, what are merely judgments to experiences and memories and to realize – things can change, so I also should change and not get stuck in the past.
  • I commit myself to do not rely on feelings to be whole and stable but the decision to always be self-honest and if realizing I am not – to dare myself to stop and forgive and re-align and within that to realize that what I lose is merely an experience yet what I gain is self-trust and integrity accumulation.
  • I commit myself to keep walking the process of liberation from feeling energy addiction and to discover the negative experiences of my mind to face and embrace, understand and release – and to realize – all fear relates to self-judgement and thus self-forgiveness of self-judgments is key to releasing self-limitations.
  • I commit myself to keep writing all day I can and not accept justifications and excuses yet not get obsessed with but to apply practical common sense.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to get addicted to a feeling and energy experience and within that not realizing that it’s self-created and thus not necessarily supporting me on physical reality level in alignment with what’s best for all participants including myself – but to balance a mind-experience I accept myself to exist within through thoughts, feelings and emotions.

I enjoy letting go ideas and judgements, worries and desires and to see what’s here and trust myself breath by breath.

I also realize that if I do not move and be in and as the physical body – things seem more serious in the mind – thus I also commit myself to move myself, to enjoy myself within those movements, presence and when and as I find myself losing presence, losing breath awareness, losing physical experience, I focus to breathing and moving, expressing and direct living.

I suggest to check out EQAFE – awesome supporting books, audio books, etc

Day 388 – Not writing excuses and about Writing!

P1020495Continuing from the last post where i had resistances to writing.

The 3 points to expand with today from where I stopped last time are:

  • Another justification is that I’d rather write big/full/long posts, when I walk through a point from start to end, which often takes more days/evenings to compose so to speak.
  • Sometimes also can happen that I see that the grammar is not good, need to go back, re-read and fix here and there – and the magic word comes ‘tomorrow will finish this’.
  • There is a slight ‘perfectionism’ also in this, I do not want to just share openings or glimpses of points I am walking, I want the whole deal to get done and then to share once I really see through.

The most practical way is to walk Self-forgiveness to understand all dimensions..let’s go!

  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not SHARE a blog as often as I would like to because defining that I need more time to finish to walk a point properly and entirely and within that not admitting that I am the one who decides how big a point is to walk and what is the most practical way to focus on effectiveness and consistency.
  • I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to limit myself and my process of self-honesty based on ideas and judgments what are not actually, really, truly relevant to effectiveness and real change, but rather getting obsessed with an idea, an image and likeness, within comparison; self-judgement and ending up focusing to distractions, giving power to doubt and inner conflict, instead of always to walk and expand the actual birthing life from the physical here.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized that it is not about if every day I share, except if I decide to do for a specific point – thus not specifying enough and ending up heading to a point without being specific, thus ending up fighting something what I do not fully understand, thus setting up for certain conflict and disappointment – instead of establishing self-agreement within clarity.
  • I forgive myself that I allowed an idea and a concept within conflict in myself to overwhelm me to the point of losing practical common sense and actual focus to reality awareness in regarding to walking my process, accumulating actual understanding and real change.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized the opportunity I have every day to walk through points what will wait for me, so if I skip two days walking something, it will still be here and all these ‘skipping days’ will also accumulate and thus not living up to the potential of change within self-honesty.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized the excuses and justifications I accept in regarding to consistent blogging, such as ‘too tired, I just watch something, I do this or that’ and not prioritizing every day – and looking at realistically and not realizing WHY not being able to do so.
  • I forgive myself that I have not realized that I do not trust myself and my prioritizing 100% because the reason I do not prioritize with my fullest potential is the belief and worry that I will end up not having entertainment and relax time – or even if having, not ‘enough’ – and not realizing that I define what is actually ‘enough’ and within that accepting self-definition based on a reactive mind, which I do not fully understand, did not yet walk through, thus actually that is the point what should not be trusted.
  • I commit myself to focus on REAL prioritizing within the commitment of the principles I stand with, such as walking the process of self-honesty every day and share this process with the world as living who I am in a transparent way and also walk integrity in a way which is undeniable and I take responsibility for my reality and what I have direction over with, which starts with SELF HERE.
  • I commit myself to stop procrastination and distractions when about to face priorities for a day and be honest with myself in terms of what is acceptable and supporting, enjoyable and realistic entertainment and relax/rest time versus walking, expanding, sharing, creating and changing.
  • I commit myself to not be distracted with the grammar and although focus to write it in a way what is understandable, but also this blogging is primarily about walking the Journey to Life and not about the English language, thus committing myself to not get distracted with this and if feeling or noticing it to be that ‘inferior’ – I fix it without hesitation or judgement and move on and for the next time I integrate this into the actual writing.
  • I commit myself to not use as an excuse to not walk a point completely through and I commit myself to trust myself and learn the way of being able to slice up and stop writing a post without being distracted with reactions and focus on consistency and continuity within a self-directive pace.

The thing is that I have so much to share, every day realizing a lot of things, expanding, and when I am wording these, it’s being grounded, substantiated, articulated and brought down to Earth so to speak, thus I can share and assist and support not only myself but those who might face a similar issue in their life and they are still about to understand it, and this would quicken their realization and actual change.

For instance what realizations I had today were – and some of those might seem quite obvious, but everything has it’s context and it’s not about who realizes bigger or greater or more complicated, ‘revolutionary’ things, but it’s always the individual’s unique and personal process to be able to walk within self-honesty.


  • I have rested enough for today – last week was quite hectic and had a little bit of lack of sleeping which significantly affected my stability, effectiveness and in overall enjoyment of being comfortable here. It was due to a sort of pressure point caused by a judgement of not doing enough and also a generated ‘high’ effect of judging myself at the same time about ‘how cool is that I sleep only 4 hours a day so I have more time to do stuff’. This within itself reveals quite a point to walk through, but leaving it for an other session.
  • Another point: In the weekend I was driving a lot and today also when went to music school was driving in the town and realized that I have worked so much on my driving skill and overall ability to direct my car in traffic, and that is something what supports me birthing an overall presence and trust with myself in general in my whole life now. Had quite rough start 4 years ago and still making mistakes here and there (mostly around not focusing fully around parking), but when driving on roads, it is something what really substantiates and grounds me and now being able to look back to this process and start applying it to my every day ‘not driving’ moments as well. I might write more about this later(note to self).
    So I suggest everyone to not judge an activity if they start doing and enjoying it as it might open up another doors of awareness and self-realization.
  • Of course, not always and not everything, all things have consequences…
  • For instance as I mentioned, music – learning is something I always enjoyed, and now music – it has it’s phases, sometimes I have the impression, I am struggling and progressing slowly, and sometimes I just look at what I am already able to do and have the ‘wow’ effect…
  • Another point just to mention – I work in a huge office, literally with more than 1000 people there and the comfort-ability and natural movement and expression of me, being in an other country, which is not my native language, today just realized how much it relies on self-trust and self-intimacy to be relaxed and truly be able to listen to others and be open and vulnerable within any kind of casual conversation. I was not always like this, about 15-20 years back I was barely able to talk with people I know, not to mention strangers…and this change did not come by itself, I had to work, push, expand, understand, forgive, let go, change and apply…and still way to go, it’s a lifetime process…

See – writing – is the best gift for humans, and it’s quite a mistake not to use it every day…

The online course, which is FREE, Desteni I Process LITE supports with the basic understandings of these tools I and many other people walk within the starting point of awareness and change – so do not hesitate to apply and try it out!

Thanks, enjoy, bye

Day 387 – Resistance to Writing


I am re-visiting DIP LITE online course and just translated the section about Resistance to Writing.
It is something I have faced many times and I am sure everyone do and the simplest explanation is from the LITE course itself:

“The unconscious fear of change is hidden by the subconscious thoughts and experiences which will attempt to redirect self away from investigating the mind consciousness system existent within self. As the fear is that if I look at what is really going on beneath the surface that I will essentially change.”

Anyone keeps telling reasons and justifications why they do not write, it is obvious that they are accepting the self-limitation with this unconscious fear.

Even I heard of someone that if they would start writing, they know that they would unreval things they do not want to see clearly as would cause imbalance and great tension within. Why? To realize the extent of accumulation of daily self-sabotage within our own mind.

It becomes normal quite soon and after years it is unquestioned, forgotten, only the most used justifications and self-definitions remain to excuse ourself to stand up to integrity, self-honesty and within that valuing life to it’s utmost potential.

Since almost a decade I am writing, mostly about weekly one or two blog posts plus as walking DIP courses since some years, I had to learn to be able to deal with these unconscious resistances.

I remember, my first writings were often pages before anything substantial started to ‘come out’ – started like an usual diary-type of writing, and as I got comfortable and trusting by the practice, started to learn to aim and keep focus at self-introspection more and more.

Nowadays, when I see a point within, I sit down and write about it directly. And even after this amount of ‘practice’ – the core or source points of self-dishonesty, resistance, self-limitation or fear points are behind multiple layers what I have to walk through with disciplined writing.

Not just walking through as writing down as Self-forgiveness is unavoidable to literally taking responsibility on this walk’s course for the things I have accepted and allowed within self-dishonesty but no more and standing up to change – and within that decision, self-empowerment one can see a little bit deeper, step by step to dig out apparently forgotten memories, experiences, definitions and compromises.
I write ‘apparently’ forgotten as nothing is truly forgotten ever, just it’s also another tool of our mind to slip down from conscious to subconscios or unconscious level, wherein we are literally not aware of the points we allow determining our life, perception, experiences and decisions resulting in actions(or no-actions).
That is why everything we question about ourselves, we already have the answer but it’s within and often have to walked through the process of self-investiation and self-purification to start seeing and understanding.

So, by re-visiting this point, I have realized that although when I consciously decide to sit down and write about/through a point, I do not feel resistance anymore, or if occasionally tiredness or distractions start to pop up, I soon recognize that I am now getting to something substantial, thus it worth to continue as that’s why the resistance kicks in – I am getting real in a way, and it’s unknown what’s after this realization and unknown can be scary.

I know, as been there myself, many people are saying ‘I do not fear anything’ – for instance it would not be a problem to jump out from a plane with parachute or smuggle illegal things, drive with high speed or if ‘justified’ join into a barfight – but within those I calculate, assess and apply reality-awareness and only proceeding when resulting with the sufficient safety conditions. It’s not like that. It’s unconscious – so I am just feeling, relating to, having an energy vibe what influences, dominates my mind without realizing how and why, and whenever I look at it, there is always at least one or two sounding good justifications.

  • “I have been writing diary before and I was honest with myself, I know what you mean when you mention self-honesty blog, it’s not what I need now”
  • “I can’t write, not this much, it’s just not my character, I’d rather do sports, meditate or try to solve it with arts”
  • “I am afraid of what if someone else reads my mind, it’s so nasty, I dont want to feel ashamed or being judged”
  • “Why can’t you just forgive yourself once and for all, why you keep repeating it? Don’t punish yourself”

And so on… heard quite some variations…

Often people have to hit rock bottom, fall out from or lose everything to realize that they are far from their potentials.

Might be true when considering the saying from the movie Fight Club, which is a kind of possessive depiction of this point: “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”

Many also believe that I am just this writing type, it suits me, it is my ‘weapon of choice’ to deal with limitations and resistances – not at all!

I used to resist, justify and avoid writing in self-honesty, just like everyone else! I tried many other ways, methods, paths, methods, tools and it’s a self-honesty point to admit if there is possibly a better way to assist and support myself.

I had to check and then realize, writing and applying self-forgiveness is the best practical way to become aware of all of my creation and empower myself to change. All other attempts were about to try to get a shortcut, which eventually tolled their prices and often even meant to need to walk more(time or effort) later.

In the age of distraction, it is literally the most challenging thing to be able to give time and effort to our own self, meaning answering existential questions without any belief or hope to realize who uniquely we are in this existence and life.

Yet it is the most rewarding as well – to start walking the process of self-realization with words.

So, wrapping up reflecting back to self:

I have decided to write more than weekly one or two, yet I do not yet do such thing, and although when I look at this point, the decision is still here, however the action, the accumulative measurable result, which is my blog does not show that decision being manifested.

Therefore the question I answer is how I justify not doing what I decided to do, especially when also being aware of that it is not about not having enough time or opportunity.

See, self-forgiveness is not something like an all-purpose liberation or revelation what can be done in a single moment.

I have to reveal the whole causality in my mind, how it’s conditioned to internal and external experiences and where I am word-programming myself to contradict myself in relation to wanting to write more yet not doing it.

And of course, one can approach such point in a ‘disciplined’ or ‘military’ – mind, just like ‘JUST DO IT’ – and then no matter what, I am doing it!

It’s also another point to realize how the mind consciousness works, what is the fuel behind certain decisions and promises to keep, and what is the condition of such actions to keep doing. And if there is a not yet understood dimension within the context, one might gets distracted, compromised or justified of why not doing it as would like to.

In my case, the bare minimum is 4 posts per month, thus the strongest excuse to fall back to is that ‘at least 4 per month, it’s mid-month, so still have time’ – or ‘there is still 5 more days until the end of the month.

And as became a habit to distract myself from the discipline and decision I’ve made on a daily basis, it also can happen on those ‘last remaining days of the month’ and thus ending up literally only doing the minimum I’ve committed to.

  • Another justification is that I’d rather write big/full/long posts, when I walk through a point from start to end, which often takes more days/evenings to compose so to speak.
  • Sometimes also can happen that I see that the grammar is not good, need to go back, re-read and fix here and there – and the magic word comes ‘tomorrow will finish this’.
  • There is a slight ‘perfectionism’ also in this, I do not want to just share openings or glimpses of points I am walking, I want the whole deal to get done and then to share once I really see through.

An option: commit myself to do more – let’s say aim at monthly eight. That is still only two per week, one per 3-4 days.

Why to share more is also relevant: In fact I have so much to share, literally dozens of points I could share about every day and makes sense as well – substantiate my own process and also assist others as well.

So, let’s break it here for now and continue in the next post by walking self-forgiveness on these last points!

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